What is homograph? Examples of Homographs with Sentences

What is homograph? Examples of Homographs with Sentences

Same and Different: Homographs

What does Homograph mean? Maybe it’s one of the things that happen to us in daily life. Let’s imagine that we use some of the same words in different meanings during our daytime conversations. I would say most of us have experienced this. This is called a homograph. The situation in which a word can have different meanings. Even though it is written in the same way in the sentence, the meaning it gains with that sentence may change. Sometimes even pronouncing that word differently can change its meaning. Not as foreign as we thought, right?

It is possible to see hundreds of homographs in English. Although in some places it is said that to be homograph it must have different pronunciation and a different origin, this is a very narrow definition. With this definition, the words we confuse today are not homographs. Normally, for a word to be homograph, either the origin of the word must be the same or the pronunciation must be the same. In this article, we will examine these types of homograph words together.

Here are 750 Homophones List in English

The Most Seen Homograph Samples


-It is quarter to eleven. (In this sentence, it means the quarter in the time zone.)

-I used a quarter to play a game on a machine. (In this sentence it means small coin in the currency.)


-We were sitting at the bar last night. (The usage in this sentence is the name of the place.)

-My nephew ate four bars of chocolate. (The usage in this sentence is the shape that shows the amount of chocolate.)


-Bats come out at night. (The word bat here is the name of an animal.)

-The team’s opening bat was so good. (The word bat here means the opening hit with the stick in a baseball game.


-The largest desert I have seen is the Sahara Desert. (Here the word means a place covered with sand.)

-Everyone was afraid of the deserted house at the end of the Street. (The meaning of the word here is that no one has been gone for a long time.)


-My father worked at the bank for many years. (In this sentence, it means a place where money transactions are made.)

-She jumps in the water and swims to the near bank. (In this sentence, the word means shore.)


-Go straight and after four hundred meters turn left. (The word left is used here as a direction.)

-My mother left the house, we could not stop her. (The word left is used to mean leaving the place where you are.)


-I object to this decision. (The word is used here to mean to disagree, to oppose.)

-None of the objects here have worked for me. (The word is used here to mean concrete goods.)


-Do not be absent even once, I will drop you from my lesson. (The word absent is used here as not being where it should be.)

-She absents herself off from life by doing homework all day. (The word absent is used to mean that the person keeps herself away from everything.)


-She was the best bass player in high school. (The word here means a guitar variant.)

-There is fresh sea bass my uncle is keeping at dinner tonight. (The word here means a variety of fish.)


-This week, the same singer released three clips. (The word used here means a video.)

-A small metal clip should be placed between the two parts. (The word used here means the piece that combines two parts.)


-Leaves dropped from the trees. (The word drop here means falling to the ground.)

-Two drops of oil splashed on my shirt. (The word drop here means a small dot separated from the integrity.)


-The plane leaves at 15.00 every day. (The word leaves is used to mean leaving where it is.)

-You should add a few leaves of mint to the dish. (The word leaves means a leaf standing on trees.)


-I think you should not give him a chance and do not recall his name anymore. (Here, the word is used to mean not to mention again.)

-Students may have difficulty recall the topics I have been telling. (Here the word is used to mean forgetting something that is kept in mind.)


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