What is Farewell Speech? Farewell Speech Examples

What is Farewell Speech? Farewell Speech Examples


Farewell Speech

A farewell speech is a kind of speech given when you are leaving your occupation. Of course, not all conditions where you leave your occupation need a farewell speech, but it is an important gesture to do so if you are getting retired or leaving the company to work somewhere else. It is the perfect way to say goodbye to your coworkers, give a good last impression on them, and closure.

It is crucial to do background research about who gives farewell speeches earlier in the company to see if you need to give one. Farewell speeches are often needed from those who have a strong influence in the workplace or the company, so your occupation might not need a farewell speech to say goodbye.

Getting Ready for the Farewell Speech

Of course, you need to be prepared for your farewell speech to leave with the best last impression. Here are some examples that can be helpful while creating an outline for the farewell speech:

Introduction: Greet everyone, and clearly state that this speech was to say goodbye

  • Hello everyone, I am really appreciated seeing you all on my last day here.
  • Hello, and thank you for being here on my last day.
  • Good evening; I appreciate all of your presence here at my farewell dinner.

Your time in the occupation and gratefulness: State how long you have been in the workplace and add some positive aspects. Try to summarize your experience there, and even some minor cons of the job. Here are some examples which can be extended with other things you would like to say.

  • I have been here as … (insert occupation here) for the last ten years, and I could not ask for a better workplace experience.
  • During the time I spent here as … for the last 20 years, I learned so many things about both my profession and myself, and I am beyond thankful for having that opportunity.
  • Even though the night shifts tried me a little bit, I still loved my occupation, and I appreciate the time I spent here.


Coworkers and boss: Since all people in there are gathered to listen to your farewell speech, it would be rude not to mention any of them. Try to include everyone, but of course, you can give names when needed.

  • To my beautiful coworkers at the public relations team, I am more than happy to have the chance to get to know you.
  • I appreciate every second we spend with my team and the hard work we had done.
  • I want to give special thanks to the human resources team for being there to solve the crisis whenever it occurred.
  • Special thanks to my boss for being the best boss I could ever ask for.

Company: If you would like to, you can add a part to talk about the company and what you learn from it.

  • The most special thanks go to … (insert company name here) family, with the wonderful workplace environment and all the opportunities they provided me with.
  • I learned a lot in my time in … company, and sometimes I cannot even believe it was real.

State why you are leaving: As I mentioned earlier, farewell speeches can be given due to retirement, leaving the company, or any other reasons. Try to make your leaving reason as positive as possible, without blaming the company.

  • Even though I enjoyed my occupation here, I need to move out of the city, so here we are, listening to my farewell speech.
  • I loved and appreciated my job, but it is now time for retirement and starting a new chapter of my life.
  • This workplace helped me through my personal development, and now I have decided to start my own business.


Hopes and wishes: Now, it is time to close the speech if you have said everything you wanted. A good closure would be good wishes for the company and your coworkers.

  • Once again, thank you so much, my coworkers, and I wish you all the best.
  • It feels good to start my own business, but my coworkers and this environment will be missed. I hope my coworkers have wonderful days here without me.
  • I know that my coworkers will be very successful and got whatever they need. You will be missed, and best of luck while I am gone.