How To Learn English Grammar Online, Tips and Ways

How To Learn English Grammar Online, Tips and Ways

How To Learn English Grammar Online: Tips and Ways

English is the most preferred language for professional purposes in the recent era. Learning English is essential for most people in business life or academy. Thanks to the advanced situation in information technologies, you can learn English online easily. There are several ways to do that. Some of them are paid for a reasonable price, some of them totally free. Both ways have some pros and cons.

To learn a language, firstly, you need to learn its structure. This structure is known as grammar. On this page, you will be learning how to learn English grammar online. We will not give you fish; we will teach you how to fish.

Improve your vocabulary

Vocabulary is the most essential part of grammar. Your variation of the words is crucial to express your thoughts well. There are essential vocabulary lists on the internet. You can find them to memorize. The most known word lists mentioned here are like Oxford’s or Cambridge’s wordlists.

They are the commonly known publishers of English education around the world. You should not directly look up them from the dictionary to memorize. So, how should you use those lists? Good question. The thing you need to do is using them in different sentences. In websites like Quora, you can ask other people to find contexts. The community there is so helpful.

Find a native speaker English friend to correct your usage

In English, most people make grammar misusages usually. If their native language is not English, the mistakes are not noticed by them. At this point having a native speaker, English friend could be beneficial for you. The mistakes made by you will be noticed by him or her instantly. Remember, the relations based on interests annoys people. Make sure the only common point with the person is not the language correction issue.

Get a Pen Friend

Even if it seems like an old-fashioned idea, there are apps and websites to do that. Writing a long letter will make you check your grammar again and again. In those apps, your letter will be achieved with your friend after a day. So, you don’t feel you had sent an e-mail.

Watch your favorite films and series to learn

Spoken English is crucial to learn grammar rules. A line from your favorite character will literally be stuck in your mind. The catchphrases are pretty useful, too. All you need to do is when you are watching the game, focusing on the sentences used by the characters in the field of grammar. Remember, some characters could be using grammatically wrong sentences. But the good news, you will be noticing the incorrect usages. Because you will get used to the proper usage. Even the names of the series help you to get the logic. Remember, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Watch online courses

There are a lot of English course videos on the Internet. Most of them are worth spending your time on them. Just like going to school, take your notebook and a pencil. Take notes, try to understand the knowledge that the instructor of the course is transferring to you. On one hand, some of the videos are free like the channels on YouTube.

But generally, you will not be able to ask any questions to the instructor. On the other hand, there are videos on paid websites like Udemy. When you purchase the course, you will be having a much better learning experience. Because you can ask questions to the instructor. Also, most of the instructors on Udemy give homework and activities to intensify your knowledge you gained from the course.

Use Mobile Applications

There are several apps to improve your grammar in English. You can install it to enhance your knowledge of English grammar. One of the most known examples is Duolingo. You can do daily grammar exercises to keep your knowledge fresh.

You know, language is a thing that you can easily forget. Also, you can continue it step by step. By the way, the exercises in Duolingo are not only for grammar purposes some of the activities are for talking. Some apps focused on grammar. In those apps, your phone shows you random grammar rules like water reminder apps. When you wake up, you see different grammar rules or different words. For example: “pod is a collective noun for whales.

A group of whales is called a pod of whales”. This trivia knowledge will boost your vision of grammar. This kind of apps is pretty useful when you are preparing for the exams like TOEFL or IELTS. When you learn something new, the essential thing you need to do is keep your memory fresh. Or else, you will start to forget.