Positive Degree 20 Examples in English

Positive Degree 20 Examples in English

Positive Degree 20 Examples 

In this lesson, we will examine the subject named ‘Positive Degree 20 Examples’ closely. To describe, quantify, modify, or determine nouns/pronouns, adjectives are used or reused. Adjectives have their degrees referred to as degrees of adjectives or degrees of comparison that compare one thing/person to another.

Adjectives have 3 degrees of comparison

  • Positive degree of adjectives
  • Comparative degree of adjectives
  • Superlative degree of adjectives

Degrees of Comparison examples

  • Positive degree – The cat runs quickly.
  • Comparative degree – The cat runs quicker than dogs.
  • Superlative degree – The cat runs quickest of all animals.

Degree Of Comparison Rules

1.Once two items/people are compared, a comparative degree is employed by swing ‘er’ to the adjective word in association with the word ‘than’. In some cases ‘more’ is used.

Comparative degree example

  • She is smarter than her sister.
  • She is more cheerful than her sister.

Similarly, once quite two things/people are compared, the superlative degree is employed by putting ‘est’ to the adjective word, or in some cases ‘most’ is employed.

Superlative degree of comparison examples

  • He is the strongest wrestler.
  • He is the most handsome actor.
  1. ‘More’ is used once you compare qualities of one thing/person. even if the primary adjective could be a single syllable word.

Degree of comparison examples

  • Incorrect – She is smarter than clever.
  • Correct – She is more sensible than clever.
  1. Don’t use double comparative adjectives or superlative adjectives.

Degree of comparison examples

  • Incorrect – These apples are more tastier than those.
  • Correct – These apples are tastier than those.

  1. There are some adjectives that are among ‘to’, like, inferior, preferable, prefer, elder. don’t use ‘than’ with these adjectives.

Degree of adjective examples

  • Incorrect: I’m elder than her.
  • Correct: I’m elder than her.
  • Incorrect – This automobile brand is superior to that.
  • Correct – This automobile brand is superior to that.
  1. Once comparing two things, similarity ought to be there, i.e. similar things ought to be compared.

Examples of degree of comparison

  • Incorrect – This wall color is more lovely than the previous one. (wall color is compared with the wall)
  • Correct – This wall color is more lovely than that of the previous one. (compare wall color with wall color)
  1. Once the comparative degree is employed within the superlative degree sense

Use ‘any other’ once the thing/person of the same group is compared.

Degree of comparison example

  • Incorrect: Reena is smarter than any student in her category.
  • Correct: Reena is smarter than any other student in her category.

Use ‘any’ if a comparison of things/person is outside the group.

  • Incorrect: Delhi is cleaner than the other town in Bangla Desh.
  • Correct: any other is cleaner than any town in Bangla Desh.

  1. To indicate whether or not the distinction between the compared thing/person is little or huge, we tend to use quantifiers for the comparative degree of an adjective like (A bit, a little, a lot, far, much, an excellent deal, considerably, etc).


  • My hostel is only marginally larger than yours.
  • She could be a very little more standard than her sister in their college.
  • Australia is slightly smaller than the continent.

We don’t use quantifiers with superlative degrees of adjectives however there are sure phrases usually used with the superlative degrees of comparison.

Degree of Comparison Example

  • In developed cities, metros are by far the cheapest mode of transportation.
  • This language is one of the oldest ones in the world.
  • This masterpiece is the second richest temple in the Asian nation.
  1. Whereas dynamic the degree of comparison for the irregular adjectives, the word fully changes rather than adding ‘er’ or ‘est’.


  • She has little milk in the jar.
  • She has less milk than he has.

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