Using A and An in English, A and An in a Sentence

Using A and An in English, A and An in a Sentence

Using A Vs An

As in many languages, articles are used to indicate words in English. When using a and an, gender discrimination is not taken into consideration and it is brought before single names only.  It can also be used before professions A and an. We also use the a and an article to indicate race, religion, objects and animals. Used when defining a word with a and an article. A and an come in front of the nouns, indicating that they are ‘any’ of all similar ones.

If the names begin with a consonant, ‘a’ comes before it and if the name starts with a vowel, ‘an’ comes before the name. In addition, the names before and must be singular. ‘A’ and ‘an’ are not preceded by plural nouns. A and an only come before nouns. We cannot bring them before adjectives or verbs.

A and an used sentences are given below:

  • Can you get me a cup of coffee?
  • You shine like a sun today.
  • I will bring you a book, but after reading it you should definitely bring it back to me.
  • I ate a big apple today.
  • A little girl was coming across.
  • Can you bring me a pen and a notebook?
  • Here is an apple, where are the other apples?
  • I saw an accident of a car.
  • That is an excellent pencil.
  • Alex is training to be an engineer.
  • I need a kilogram of salt.
  • I saw you talking to a man on the street opposite today.
  • I saw a cat on the street this morning and he was so hungry.
  • I want to be an engineer when I grow up, but my father wants me to be a doctor.
  • Today, an inspector came to our school to visit.
  • The man you saw there is an Englishman.
  • This old aunt is a Christian.
  • Our neighbors who have just moved to this neighborhood are a Dutchman
  • Vowels or consonants are determined not by spelling in English, but by their reading. Sample sentences are given below:
  • Where were you an hour ago, I called you but I could not reach.
  • Today, we watched a university visit on television.
  • Today we went on a university trip with the whole school.

*Names that cannot be counted in English are not brought to the a or an. Sample sentences are given below:

  • Can you give me some water?
  • The weather is little cold today.
  • Can you buy me some salt from the market so I can make a burrito for you?
  • Can you put some flour in this bowl?