Using As For in a Sentence, Example Sentences with As For

Using As For in a Sentence, Example Sentences with As For

But for is an idiomatic usage for the expression ‘if it were not for’.

In this lesson, we will learn “but for” conjuctions. While learning English grammar rules and grammer topics, you encounter many new structures. For example, tenses, verbs, passive – active sentences, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions and many more. Moreover, these issues are just some of the first things that come to mind.

You try to learn all the rules to be able to speak English in the most correct way, but sometimes some topics remain in the background and attention to these issues cannot be given much attention. For this reason, especially dies such as envelopes, prepositions, conjunctions are mixed very much together or their usage and meanings are easily forgotten.

However, these patterns are very important with their features that add meaning to sentences, provide integrity and combine. For this reason, English conjunctions and their meanings should be carefully considered. You should definitely learn what each of the connectors means and where they are used will help you do much more than you expected.

Conjunction is called patterns that help to connect two words or two separate sentences and give the sentences meaningfulness. As with many languages, this use in English gives you some advantages. Thanks to the use of conjuction, you can connect two interrelated sentences together, sort the words, or create a meaning integrity between two separate sentences.

These patterns can be added to the beginning, middle, or both of the sentences, depending on their meaning and bindingness. Conjunctions named as ‘Conjuctions’ in English are divided into certain classes according to their usage. Establishing the relationship between your sentences while describing the events can be much easier when English is learned in conjuction table or with a certain grouping.

For this reason, you can turn the molds into a more catchy state by classifying them according to their usage and meanings while working. English is a language with many grammar rules. You will need to learn many topics such as English conjunctions in order to use your foreign language knowledge without difficulty whenever you need it. In this period, your greatest needs will be to consolidate the issues you are missing, to actively speak your language, to practice dialogue and to ask questions to the person you are hanging out with.

Example Sentences

  • But for Jesica help, you couldn’t have finished your homework.
  • But for the help teacher, she might have been killed
  • But for the rain, the fire wouldn’t have spread at such
  • But for Jelly, you was done for
  • But for the snow they should have had a pleasant journey
  • But for this!

Note: Conjunctions appear in all English language exams, and those with sufficient knowledge of the English conjunctions table are more successful in the exam. Regardless of the method applied while learning English, special attention should be paid to conjunctions. In online English education, highly effective learning methods about conjunctions are applied and trainees can memorize the connectors much easier. Information about the places of use is reinforced by sentences, conversations and tests.