Using Indeed, Definition and Example Sentences

Using Indeed, Definition and Example Sentences


Using Indeed, Definition and Example Sentences


Using Indeed

In this lesson, we will take a look at ‘using indeed’. As you learn English grammar rules and grammer topics, you encounter many new things: Tenses, verbs, passive-active sentences, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, and many more. Moreover, these issues are just some of the first things that come to mind. You try to learn all the rules to be able to speak English in the most correct way, but sometimes some topics remain in the background and attention to these issues cannot be given much attention.

For this reason, especially dies such as envelopes, prepositions, conjunctions are mixed very much together or their usage and meanings are easily forgotten. However, these patterns are very important with their features that add meaning to sentences, provide integrity and combine. For this reason, English conjunctions and their meanings should be carefully considered. Let’s take a look at the examples of the ‘indeed’ connector, which will work a lot more than you expected.


  • Theirs is indeed strange life. People give birth to children they cannot care for and they leave the children.
  • It is indeed a great honor to receive the award from such a polite man.
  • It was indeed he who saw Samuel. It was he who was the last handshake with David.
  • If Dainel indeed fell victim to murder, he must have learned some information that cost his life that he should not have known.
  • We have a bag shop, indeed a well-known bag shop.
  • “I am definitely not racist, but it is inevitable that every sentence that begins with” is racist indeed.
  • This novel is indeed an eternal masterpiece.


  • If you are stubborn, you will indeed be alone.
  • Indeed friend, it becomes clear on the dark day.
  • Indeed many thanks, this material is very useful.
  • Life is indeed a good experience.
  • She’s a indeed smart girl.
  • This can indeed be a mistake.

Note: Phrases or phrases containing conjunctions are usually combined. Even those who are not united are literally linked. That is why the sentence containing conjunctions must analyze the successive phrases very well; you should distinguish whether these two structures are supportive or used in a way that contrasts with each other.

Making this distinction means that you have solved 51% of the problem. (Patterns that support each other can sometimes be additional information, sometimes patterns that express purpose …)

  • All roads indeed go to London, but theirs is a more mystical place, some seem to know no traveler’s name, some cities all hint at or even more eternal.
  • Unionists and indeed miners underestimate their economic power.
  • Although England and France are rivals, both countries are indeed partners in trade.
  • Indeed, this theme has been at the center of all my research since 1980 because of my belief that both the knowledge of the series and the inner magic can contribute to our understanding of living matter.
  • As you might guess, my family was very poor, but somehow we reached what we needed, we didn’t seem to be devoid of anything and indeed I did not see any signs of dissatisfaction or joyful failure on their life parties, as in fact.