English Grammar

English Grammar Chart, Table

English Grammar Chart

Function or Job
NounThing or person
VerbAction or state
AdverbDescribe a verb, adjective or adverb
AdjectiveDescribes a noun
PronounReplaces a noun
PrepositionLinks a noun to another word
ConjunctionJoins clauses or sentences
InterjectionShort exclamation


Here is Parts of Speech Detailed Expression

NounPencil, cat, work, notebook
VerbGet, come, cut, open, like
AdverbSilently, badly, really
AdjectiveSmall, big, good, well, blue
PronounI, you, he, she, it
PrepositionAt, in, of, on, after, under
ConjunctionBut, and while, when
InterjectionOh!, hi!, ouch!, Wow!

NounThis is my cat.
Verblike apple.
AdverbMy cat eats quickly.
AdjectiveWe like big cake.
PronounHe is very clever.
PrepositionShe was hiding under
the table.
ConjunctionI am very hungry, but the fridge is empty.
InterjectionWow! What a beautiful car!

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