Using Wherever in English, Example Sentences with Wherever

How to use wherever in english, Using Wherever , Example Sentences with Wherever

Using Wherever in English, Example Sentences with Wherever

Using Wherever

In this article, we will examine the use and examples of the word ‘wherever’. This word means no matter where it is, no matter where it is in English. This word can also be used to show that you don’t know where something is.

However, this word can also be used to emphasize words in questions such as surprise interest or disturbance everywhere. The word ‘Wherever’ should be learned carefully like other patterns and the use of ‘wherever’ should be known. Let’s look at examples related to ‘wherever’:

Example Sentences with Wherever

  • As the lower parts of English houses and shops are open both front and back, they watched these small gardens as they pass through the streets and could not visit wherever better observed than others.
  • Because wherever you are today, you still owe everything to God and owe two people. These two very special people are your mother and wife.
  • Appreciation is the highest form of prayers. Thankful thoughts acknowledge the existence of good wherever light shines.
  • And I am happy to say that I can find black, non-white people wherever I go, they are just people. This is wherever I am and the house I plan to stay in.
  • We all deserve greater peace of mind, knowing that our children are better protected wherever they are.
  • All free women are citizens of the world, wherever they live. So as a free woman, “Long live life!”
  • A stork is known wherever encountered with its beautiful white dress, long and elegant figure; the majority of women are six feet high.
  • We patriots belong to wherever we are present. See where your fake friends will take you!

  • Tommy! Hey, I didn’t know when to get together. We are with you, captain. Wherever this goes, whatever it ends, we are with you.
  • As you always say, you can work wherever you want, except for official institutions.
  • Pay attention to the ends and exotic regions of the world: drama is with you wherever there are slums; wherever there is malnutrition, wherever there is exploitation and persecution.
  • Instead of leading the polls, Samuel attacks us as a man who goes to wherever the polls take him.
  • Everyone carries his own rule of flavor and applies it to entertain wherever he goes.
  • Good job involving advertisements, wherever they are, in a game, cinema or television.
  • We don’t know how many actors have the chance to be part of something that has become part of jazz culture, but it has been very useful. I can’t get high bucks for new movies, but at least I get warmth and love from people wherever I go.
  • They also love to follow the rhythm of nature. Sometimes, in some places, they can have their own rhythm. So you can’t force it. We must also accept this. Wherever we are born, we are naturally just living.
  • Wherever I go, I always carry a lot with me, always weigh with books, cassettes, pens and paper, get excited to sit somewhere, read something or write a diary.

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