Using Whoever in English, Example Sentences with Whoever

English How to use Whoever, Example Sentences with Whoever


Using Whoever in English, Example Sentences with Whoever

Using Whoever

Whoever, whatever, whichever, whomever, however, whenever, wherever can be used in noun clauses. Whoever means it doesn’t matter who or any person at all. We use whoever to express:

  1. If it is insignificant (it doesnt matter who)

This is the most used area for this word. You can encounter it very often in daily life, on television, on radio and in movies. For example

  • No matter who you are, you have to follow the rules.
  • Whoever you marry (the person you married doesn’t matter) marry, be sure you will be very happy. As long as you have to make sure you are married for love.
  • Whoever you are, you will love this movie. Because the actors and actresses in the movie are very good actors.

  1. Whoever or any person who

This is the area where the word is used occasionally, though not very often. For example:

  • Whoever (any person who) comes is welcome. The more students, the more happiness.
  • We have a lot of drinks. Whoever wants to drink can drink.
  • Whoever (any person who) wants to come to the cinema should meet inside the cinema at 6 o’clock.

Note: Note: The word Whoever also has another meaning. This use should not be confused with the above use. If used in a different sense, a period or semicolon may precede the word whoever.

  1. Person – (the person who)

It is an area especially used by students and business people. For example:

  • Could you speak to whoever (the person who) is in charge of buy services please?
  • Whoever (the person who) runs the slowly, lost the race.
  • Only get the receipt from whoever (the person who) gave you the letter.

Note: “Whomever” has the same meaning and similar features as “whoever”. However, when using this, the subject must come after the sentence. In other words, in a sentence, this word must be an object. For example:

You can give this ticket to whomever you like. (In this example sentence, ‘whoever’ can be written instead of ‘whoever’ because ‘whoever’ can be used comfortably in both subject and object situation. The only thing to be careful about is to create a meaningful and canonical sentence. are important words that you may encounter frequently in life.

Example Sentences with Whoever

  • Whoever has eaten the final piece of dinner is welcome to cook a new one. (This means that it doesn’t matter which person ate the dinner. It may be any person. Also that person is the one we mean.)
  • Whoever made that chocolate is a real actrist.
  • Never tell me whoever calling, I’m out.
  • Marry whoever you marry, be very careful to make a cake.
  • Whoever said it definitely lied.
  • Whoever matters is the happiness it will give me.
  • Whoever I am not happy, I am nowhere and no one.
  • Whoever wins the elections will serve only four years.

This subject should be learned meticulously. It can be learned literally by constantly repeating and practicing in daily life. Learning is essential to improve English.