Modal Verbs Should, Example Sentences

English Modal Verbs Should, Example Sentences


English Modal Verbs Should, Example Sentences


  • You should eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • I think we should wait for her now.
  • You should take a break and get some rest.

Detailed Expressions with Modals SHOULD


  • You should to walk to work.
  • You should save some money.
  • You should do more exercise.


Probability / Expectation

  • A ticket to Paris should cost a lot.
  • I smell break baking. There should be a bakery nearby.
  • This shouldn’t be Mark’s house.


Example Sentences

  • You should sweep the whole house because your cat sheds too much or your baby will be sick.
  • For going abroad, you should go to a language course first, I am sure it will be very useful.
  • should go now.
  • You should go to the hospital tomorrow or you will be more sick.
  • Her lessons are so bad, you should definitely take private lessons.
  • You should study by taking notes, it becomes more memorable.
  • You should watch the movie I told you in the morning, it will improve you a lot.