10 Homonyms with Meanings and Sentences

English 10 homonyms with meanings and sentences

English 10 homonyms with meanings and sentences

Break – Brake:

Break: pause, stopover
Brake: curb

  • Who broke this glass?
  • I couldn’t brake while in the car.

Cache – Cash:

Cache: gros over, hide
Cash: money

  • I caught my grandpa’s caches.
  • Withdraw all the cash in the bank and bring it to me.


Scents – Sense:

Scents: smell, odor
Sense: sensation

  • The scents in this shop are very nice.
  • This sense makes me very happy.


Chance – Chants:

Chance: luck, opportunity
Chants: hymn, anthem

  • I wish you good chance in your exam.
  • Today we listen to chants.


Chile – Chili:

Chile: a country in South America
Chili: red pepper

  • This summer we will go to Chile on vacation.
  • Did you put chili pepper in the dish?


Choir – Quire:

Choir: chorus
Quire: four sheets of paper or parchment folded to form eight leaves

  • This is the most impressive choir I’ve ever heard.
  • Can you get me a quire?


Site – Sight:

Site: place, location
Sight: seeing, vision

  • Almost all the sites in our country are historical.
  • They are not all within sight.


Climb – Clime:

Climb: scramble
Clime: land, realm

  • I do not have the courage to climb the highest mountain in the world.
  • Clime has changed a lot now.


Facts- Fax:

Facts: the real
Fax: send (a document) by fax

  • The facts we heard were pretty scary.
  • In order to be accepted into this business, we need to send a fax to the company.


Finnish – Finish:

Finnish: relating to the Finns or their language.
Finish: end, complete

  • Our neighbors who have just moved to the apartment are Finnish.
  • I finished the morning swimming race first.

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