American Idioms, Definitions and Examples

American Idioms List, Definitions and Example Sentences;

American Idioms List, Definitions and Example Sentences;

American Idioms

The idiom is a collection of culture or region-specific sentences that are not easily understood or difficult to translate based on the true definition of the words used only. American idioms are sentences used by Americans in some cases to express themselves differently. American idioms may not be fully understood when read directly. However, when the entire sentence is evaluated, its meaning can be revealed. Such sentences occur when two or more words come together.

American idioms are used in radio programs, websites, casual conversations and all possible interactions with other people. In some cases, it can be quite difficult to determine the full meaning of these sentences. It may also be necessary to understand what is going on in the environment in order to establish an effective and sound communication in the regions where such statements are used. Examples of American idioms are now;

Of the night (At all hours): It means very late, all the time of the night.

Example: Her mother was very worried and thought of her at any time of the night.

All bets are off: Indicates that all bets on the tender are closed.

Example: I was going to bid, but all bets are off.

Blow smoke: This statement means that a person exaggerates things more than they should be and makes them look like they are doing a job they cannot do.

Example: In the evening, he commented on the whole match and blow smoke like he was a football player.

To make matters worse: A statement that an event that is in a bad condition has become worse.

Example: John had an accident by car to make matters worse, he had some fractures in his feet and hands.

At each other’s throats: It means that people fight and argue with each other in the face of an event, situation and action.

Example: They spoke very badly and Mark at each other’s throats.

About time: An idiom that describes the upcoming and even passing time.

Example: About time to buy a new house and car.

Easy-going: It means tolerant, easy to understand and naive.

Example: Samatta is easy-going person I have ever seen. He is never happy and upset for any event.

Enough is enough: This statement means that it should not be enough and more. It is generally said when a certain situation is sufficient.

Example: You just eat enough is enough. If you eat more, you will gain excess weight.

Money talks: In a case, it means a statement stating that the money has more money.

Example: Money talks from this football game.