Idioms About Human Body, List of Human Body Idioms

English Idioms About Human Body, List of Human Body Idioms

English Idioms About Human Body, List of Human Body Idioms

There are many different idioms about the human body.The idioms are listed in 3 parts: the idiom, what it means,an example of how to use it.


Here are common idioms which are related to body parts and examples:


Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Family relationships take precedence over others.

Example: No matter how much I’ve fought with my brother, but blood is thicker than water.


Brain Drain

Departure of talented, well-educated individuals from a place.

Example: Venezuela is experiencing a brain drain right now, with many professionals leaving for other countries because of bad conditions at home.



Something that not requires thought.

Example: If the salary offered to me is more than my current salary, the decision is a no-brainer.


On the Blink

Not working, intermittently not working.

Example: We have work piling up, the computer’s on the blink.


Bend over Backwards

You make every effort to achieve something, especially you should to be fair or helpful.

Example: I’ve bent over backwards to please you. But it never seems to be good enough.


A Hair’s Breadth

A very small distance or space.

Example: He was going to set a more successful a hair’s breadth than his predecessors, unfortunately he got tired in the last kilometer of the race.


Be a Bundle of Nerves

Someone who is extremely nervous.

Example: Since the robbery, I’ve been a bundle of nerves.

Example: I was a bundle of nerves before my exam, but I calmed down once we got the questions and started to work.


To Piss Into the Wind

Engage in an activity that’s so futile as to be a complete waste of time.

Example: Don’t waste your time trying to talk to Wanda about her spending habits. You’re pissing into the wind.


Birthday Suit


Example: You should see who you want to see people, do things you want to do, and at the end of the day, just fall asleep with my birthday-suit.


Bite One’s Tongue

A person’s desire to say something, but not to say it.

Example: When Sheila started talking about the failure of the sales campaign, I had to bite my tongue, it failed because the materials she was responsible for weren’t ready!


Toe the Line

To follow regulations or moral principles closely

Example: During my freshman year I was pretty willd, but now I toe the line, and I haven’t been in trouble.

All ears

Fully listening


Keep an eye on

Take care of, watch in order to protect


Joined at the hip

To be exceptionally close to someone


Pat on the back

Recognition or a thank-you


See eye to eye



On the nose

Precisely, at an exact time


A sight for sore eyes

Someone that you’re pleased to see


Cost an arm and a leg

Be very expensive

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