Idioms About Love, List of Love Idioms

English Idioms, Definitions and Example Sentences


English Idioms, Definitions and Example Sentences

Each languages have idioms. Sometimes we can easily describe the difficult situations with a two-word phrase idioms. Love is always known as an incredible feeling and it is worth to talk and experience. There are many idioms about love in English language. These expressions include the positive and negative aspects of falling in love.

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Some sample expressions and their semantic equivalents are given below:

Be head over heels: Be in love with somebody very much, madly in love.


  • I was head over heels in love with Jack Smith.

Fall in love with: Start feeling love towards somebody, fall deeply in love with someone.

Hook, line, and sinker: Down to the last detail. Have at one’s fingertips.

Have the hots for somebody: To be attracted to someone (sexually, romantically).

Kiss and make up: Become reconciled, make peace after an argument.

Love rat: When there is one in your life, they are people who have sex with other people. The other person will suffer in this way.

Tie the knot: Get married, enter into matrimony.


Main squeeze: Be somebody’s main squeeze, someone’s favorite.

All’s fair in love and war: It is stated that love and everything that can be done is acceptable.

A face only a mother could love: Homely enough to stop a clock.

Love is blind: After falling in love with someone, we don’t see anything. we ignore the mistakes and mistakes of the person we love.

Love makes the world go round: World revolves by love

Love – hate relationship: If you have love for someone and it suddenly turns into a feeling of hate, it is a love-hate relationship.

Make love not war: This idioms is said against love and peace.

Puppy love: The love we feel for someone at a young age changes as we age. It does not remain childish as it was when we were young.

Love will find a way: People who fall in love with each other overcoming all obstacles. their main factor in overcoming these obstacles is their strong love.

Blind date: A date where the two people have never met before

Lovey-Dovey: A couple that is lovey-dovey cannot stop showing affection for each other.

Go Dutch: To go on a date where each person pays half of the expenses.

Kiss and make up: To become friends again after a fight or argument

On the rocks: To be in a state of difficult, to be having problems(usually used for a relationship)

Get serious: The two students dated for several months before they began to get serious.

Get along with: To have a good relationship with someone

Made for each other: When two people are made for each other it seems it was destiny for them to be together