Modal Verbs Might, Example Sentences

English Modal Verbs Might, Definition and Example Sentences

Modal Verbs Might, Example Sentences

Modal Verbs MIGHT – Suggestion

  • You might want to take a break.
  • You might try the this cake.
  • You might not see him tomorrow.


Modal Verbs MIGHT – Possibility

  • It might rain today.
  • might possibly go to the theatre tonight

Perfect Tense Modals in English

Modal Verbs MIGHT – Conditional

  • If I had waited longer last night, I might have found out about it.
  • If I enter the contest, I might win!

Example Sentences

  • I wished you might passed the exams.
  • I wished I might go abroad.
  • I hoped you might not leave me.
  • The doctor said that I might released when I feel well.
  • The director said that when you feel ready, you might on the stage.
  • You might not be able to catch up because you’re asleep and a little late.
  • might come visit you again, but maybe I can not come until this summer.
  • On some issues that indicate purpose, we use might in the sentence.
  • Might I read your magazine a little bit?
  • You might send your gifts for Christmas early.
  • If the doctor is inside, might I enter?