Irregular Plurals, Definitions, List and Example Sentences

Irregular Plurals, Definitions, List and Example Sentences

Irregular Plurals, Definitions, List and Example Sentences


There are singular and plural nouns in English. To make singular nouns plural in general, the suffix -s is put at the end of the noun. But the rules of nouns that want to be made plurally irregularly are different.  Some of them are given below with sample sentences:

The names that can be counted are followed by the suffix –s, but depending on the last letter, it may differ.

Names that end with ‘o’:

Tomato-tomatoes: The tomatoes we bought from the market today were rotten.

Patato-patatoes: My grandfather started growing potatoes in his field this year.

Names that end with ‘x’:

Fox – foxes: Foxes are known for their cunning.

Box- boxes: Could you please move these boxes up because they are too heavy?

Names ending with ‘s’:

Class – classes: All the classes we look to study are full.

Glass – glasses: I can’t remember where I forgot my glasses.

Names ending with ‘f’:

Shelf – shelves: When will you dust these shelves?

Knife knives: I’m going to go to the market today and buy new knives for my kitchen.

Names ending with ‘y’:

City – cities: Cities are more radiant than day and night.

Story – stories: These stories were the most fun stories I have read in my childhood.

Names ending with ‘ch, sh’:

Watch – watches: All of my wristwatches are very expensive.

Dish – dishes: These dishes are very dirty, we have to wash them all.

Everything that is formulated with a rule is called ‘regular’ but there are also irregularly plural nouns that do not comply with a particular rule. These are given below with sample sentences:

Man – men: The men were running left and right and trying to finish the job.

Woman – women: The biggest problem of women is that they spend a lot of time preparing.

Person – people: People are aware of everything.

Foot – feet: My feet ached from standing all day.

Fish – fish: The fish were dancing in the water.

Mouse – mice: Mice raided our house!

Child – children: I know that children favorite food is chocolate.

Tooth – teeth: Now I take good care of my teeth because my doctor recommended it.

Ox – oxen: We are the owner of the oxen here.

This – these: These are the best gifts I have ever seen in my life.

That – those: Do you see those? Here they are my favorite friends.

Louse – lice: I never want to see these lice in my head because they’re so disgusting!

Here are detailed irregular plural nouns list;

Singular Plural
Trout Trout 
Genus Genera
Focus Foci
Person People
Tooth Teeth
Curriculum Curricula
Mouse Mice
Wife Wives
Deer Deer
Vita Vitae
Quiz Quizzes
Index Indices
Datum Data
Aircraft Aircraft
Woman Women 
Leaf Leaves
Fish Fish 
Sheep Sheep 
Singular Plural
Goose Geese 
Tuna Tuna 
Ellipsis Ellipses
Codex Codies
Lavra Lavrae
Erratum Errata
Oasis Oases
Ox Oxen
Swine Swine
Trout Trout
Analysis Analyses
Series Series
Child Children
Foot feet
Nebula Nebulae 
Leaf Leaves
Diagnosis Diagnoses 
Alumna Alumnae