Proper Noun Things Examples in English

Proper Noun Things Examples in English

Proper nouns refers to a unique entity, such as New York, Saturn or London. The words that meet the unique and unmatched beings in the universe are called ‘proper noun’. All proper noun (every word that makes up the noun and titles describing and introducing them) starts with a capital letter.

Here are Common Noun Detailed Expressions.

If it does not start with a capital letter, it is considered a common noun. For example; Jim, Tomas, London, Washington, Seoul, Ronaldo, Blue Church, Elizabet, John, La Case De Papel, English, English Language.

Here are proper nouns things examples;

  1. Mercedes
  2. Titanic
  3. Russian
  4. Central ark Zoo
  5. Oreo
  6. Wimbledon
  7. Burger King
  8. Herman Miller
  9. Janet
  10. Simon
  11. The President
  12. Tuesday
  13. Google
  14. Monday
  15. Lady Gaga
  16. Jennifer Lopez
  17. Russia
  18. Poppy
  19. Toyota
  20. Maria
  21. Daniel
  22. Quaker Oats
  23. China
  24. Tropicana
  25. Roman Catholic
  26. Deadpool
  27. Rockledge
  28. Daily News
  29. Memorial Day
  30. Paris
  31. Queen
  32. Pepsi-Cola
  33. Germany
  34. Agatha Christie
  35. New York
  36. Jim
  37. Sydney
  38. Dr. Morgan
  39. Atlantic Ocean
  40. September
  41. Heidi