10 examples of prepositional phrases

When names have the meaning of place or time, they have some suffixes in front of them. These additions give them a direction and decorate the meaning in the sentence. The predicate is predominant in English and the sentence formation goes to the beginning. As a result, these prepositions, which we call preposition, also come at the beginning of words.  As all prepositions have their original meanings, they can sometimes come together with words in sentences and produce different meanings other than their own meanings.


Prepositions do not always give their original meaning.  Some nouns, adjectives or verbs are added to the end of the written and spoken and they assume the task of their tail. In this type of use, they certainly do not assume any special meaning and are additional and should be known together in words.

Here are 10 examples of prepositional phrases;

  1. in anticipation of
  2. on a regular basis
  3. on account of
  4. at high speed
  5. at one’s side
  6. at a fraction of
  7. by all accounts
  8. by appointment
  9. out of the question
  10. on an expedition