English Prepositional Phrases – IN

English Prepositional Phrases – IN


English Prepositional Phrases - IN

in time

in short

in silence

in of use

in safety


in a flash

in of stock

in of touch

in demand

in of focus

in difficulty


in sight (of)

in a heap

in a hurry

in search of

in a sense

in a temper

in respect of

in abundance

in action

in addition to

in advance

in reality

in aid of

in an instant

in return

in answer to

in reply to

in awe of

in question

in poverty

in character

in charge of

in code

in cash

in mind

in detail

in distress

in danger

in decline

in disgrace

in disguise

in disorder

in dispute

in defense of

in practice

in duplicate

in earnest

in effect

in error

in essence

in excess of

in existence

in fact

in favor of

in fear of

in flames

in flower

in full

in brief

in hand

in haste

in hiding

in ink

in pencil

in town

in isolation

in its infancy

in theory

in time for

in times of

in a mess

in doubt

in honor of

in horror