English Prepositional Phrases – ON

English Prepositional Phrases – ON Examples


English Prepositional Phrases – ON Examples

on account of

on a pension

on an island

on approval

on one’s terms


on one’s own

on no account

on the part of

on the phone

on the point of

on good terms


on the strength of

on the stroke of

on the tip of

on the top of

on bail

on behalf of

on board

on business

on occasion

on average

on credit

on display

on edge

on end

on file

on fire

on foot

on the run

on guard

on hand

on the job

on impulse

on leave

on loan

on order

on paper

on parade

on patrol

on principle

on purpose

on reflection

on remand

on sale

on a diet

on a trip

on show

on strike

on time

on tiptoe

on trial

on vacation

on watch

on schedule

on the road

on oath

on pain of

on the air

on balance

on a spree

on suspicion of

on the agenda

on the assumption

on the brink of

on the dot

on the edge of

on the eve of

on the grounds of

on the horizon

on the hour

on the increase

on the move

on the off-chance

on the outskirts

on horseback