5 Proverbs Examples in English

5 Proverbs Examples in English

What is Proverb?

There are some sentences that, even from the past, still have their meaning and are still usable. These sentences are very different from ordinary sentences. They are sentences arising from the results of events or situations encountered in the past. If a more detailed explanation is required; They are sentences that show past thoughts, results of events, and advice given at the appropriate time, and are in the form of a template. This definition is the definition of the proverb. Proverbs are important and necessary. This is because proverbs reflect people. Proverbs are very diverse. It can be used in any event or situation we live in. The fact that it comes from the past to the present and that it will continue from today to tomorrow is an indication that proverbs continue from generation to generation.

Here are 5 Proverbs;

1. Gentility without ability is worse than plain beggary.

2. Get a name to rise early, and you may lie all day.

3. Gifts from enemies are dangerous.

4. Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice.

5. Creditors have better memories than debtors.

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