Commonly Mispronounced Words in English

Commonly Mispronounced Words List in English


Commonly Mispronounced Words List in English

Mispronounced Words

The subject of ‘correct pronunciation’ has always been very important for people who are just starting to learn English. Because there are many words written in English that are difficult to pronounce and complex. There are many people who do not speak English before, have just started learning English, or even pronounce English incorrectly.  In order to pronounce English words correctly, lots of practice should be done.

How to Improve Your English Pronunciation

Besides, watching videos, movies and TV series in English will benefit us tremendously. Because hearing something from people whose native language is English will take our pronunciation further. In general, as in every stage of learning, the most effective method is to practice profusely while learning English and trying to pronounce correctly.  We must constantly try to speak to someone in English, listen carefully to the other person and pay attention to how words come out of his mouth.

Likewise, when we speak to ourselves, if we correct this when we make a pronunciation mistake, we will be less likely to make that mistake once again. Being able to speak correctly in English, as in any language, both increases our competence in that language and takes our speech to an advanced level.

Some words that are mispronounced words given below with sample sentences:

Divorce: dih- vawrs


My parents decided to divorce this year.

Epitome: ih- pit- uh- mee

Please show me a epitome.

Faux pas: foh- pah

You always make me faux pas, please pay more attention to your movements.

Film: film


While I was watching a film last night, I fell asleep on the sofa, when I woke up in the morning everywhere ached.

Flour: flou- er

My grandfather grows wheat in his field in the village, He harvests them every summer and sends them to the mill, and those wheats become flour in the mill, and then come to our tables as bread.

Gauge: geyj

I was curious about the size of the painting we hung on the wall today, but I did not have a gauge to measure it.

Genre: zhahn- ruh

You should pay attention to your genre while talking to older people.

Hyperbole: hy- per- ba- lee

Our neighbor is a very speaking woman and she loves to hyperbole most when she talks.

Ingenuity: in- juh- noo- i- tee

This kid has a ingenuity, you should teach her in the best schools.

Itinerary: ahy- tin- uh- rer- ee

I hope you have a itinerary through this process or we will get lost in the huge forest.

Jewellry: jew- ell- ree

As far as we can see in the movies, rich women have lots of jewels they think.

Lingerie: lown- zhuh- ree

A very old friend works as a cashier in a store that sells women’s lingerie.

Lipsync: lip- singk

He lip- sync of the music my ear hears.

Maniac: mey- nee- ak

Paradigm: par- uh- dahym

Pronounciation: pro- nun- see- a- shun

I find it very difficult to pronounce the words of the language we learned this year.

Pseudonym: sood- n- im

Quote: kwoht