100 Academic Words, Definition and Example Sentences

You can find the 100 most important academic words used in English in this article. These words are very important for academic research, articles and everyday use.


100 Academic Words, Definition and Example Sentences

100 Academic Words, Definition and Example Sentences

1. Abandon: To leave completely and finally

Maria couldn’t abandon her babies to him, even if he was their father.

2. Abstract: Thought of apart from concrete realities

Matteo abstract submission met the deadline.


3. Academy: Private school

Britney entered the Naval Academy from New York in 1857, but resigned in March 1861.

4. Accomadate: To provide suitably

Back then there were only four other restaurants in our tiny town that could accomodate that many people.

5. Accurate: Free from error or defect

If she hadn’t been so accurate, it might have been amusing.


6. Acquire: To come into possession

Had John been abstaining so he could get an accurate test?

7. Adequate: As good as necessary for some requirement

Where then can they find an adequate supply of heat?

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8. Assign: To give or allocate

“Fine. I’ll assign him something to do,” Damy said.

9. Benefit: Something that is advantageous or good

My little sister, Phillips, is not well and we think the clear mountain air will benefit his.

10. Brief: Taking a short time

She paused for a brief flurry of clapping

11. Capable: Having power and ability

I knew John was capable of something like this.

12. Cease: Discontinue

We must cease raving if we are daughter of our Motherland!

13. Circumstance: A condition

Every circumstance now conspired to effect her fall.

14. Clarify: To make (an idea, statement, etc.) clear

There are many ways to clarify water.

15. Commit: To give in trust or charge

He was admitting to a crime he didn’t commit, knowing it was him son who did it.

16. Compatible: Capable of existing

Maybe Mike would never find a compatible mate.

17. Complex: Composed of many interconnected parts

Betty is no more mysterious and complex than any other person.

18. Conceive: To form a Notion

“She can’t even conceive how monumental this is” my mother said.

19. Contract: An agreement between two

Isabel issued the contract to Gabe.

20. Crucial: Involving an extremely important decision

Spencer had carried the crucial state of Ohio by a large majority in 1963.

21. Debate: As of a public question in an assembly

Alexndra, I don’t want to debate this issue.

22. Deny: To refuse to agree

Candy couldn’t deny that fact.

23. Devote: To give up or appropriate to

Mark would be a damn fool not to devote everything he own in support of this.

24. Dimension: To give up

Justin can’t kill you in that dimension, Justin assured her.

25. Domain: A field of action

Selena gave up her power, her domain and her entire life for this opportunit

26. Edit: To supervise

Mark continued The New Yorker, and travelled between Allbeny and New York each week to edit the six papers.

27. Emerge: To come forth into view

Ariana waited, but Leo didn’t emerge again.

28. Encounter: To come upon

Tilia was still too agitated by the encounter to be able to talk of the affair calmly.

29. Ensure: To secure

Demi froze then looked around to ensure no one was there to overhear them.

30. Equate: To regard and treat

Seven tablespoons of lemon juice will equate to about a lemon.

31. Establish: To found, institute

All people establish governments to protect their rights.

32. Evaluate: To determine

She stopped to evaluate the gilded ornaments.

33. Evident: Clear to the sight

It was evident that Maria could be silent in this way for a very long time.

34. Exhibit: Expose to view

We must confront Candy before she continues to exhibit these despicable behaviors.

35. Facilitate: To make easier

Sam encouraged commerce, and, by constructing highways and building bridges, did much to facilitate it.

36. Feature: A prominent

Diana favorite feature, her eyes, had always been a pretty shade of turquoise.

37. Found: Past participle of find.

Marry found him in the living room reading the magazine.

38. Framework: A skeletal structure designed to support

Alice had entrusted him with the fragile framework of her dreams and he had stumbled.

39. Gender: Either the male

Did you know that the male gender had a guardian?

40. Goal: Achievement toward which effort is directed

France, the ultimate goal, is reached.

41. Grant: To bestow

Then she will grant you a favor.

42. Highlight: To emphasize

Cedric was also the first to highlight the dangers of AGE to his fellow countrymen.

43. Ignorant: Lacking in knowledge

Paul was by no means ignorant of this.

44. Index: A sequential arrangement of material

Betty touched one with her index finger.

45. Injure: Cause harm of any kind to

To injure France and heedless of spain’s need, Paul IV.

46. Interpret: Provide the meaning of

Sandra had no idea how to interpret the warning.

47. Intervene: To come between disputing people, groups, etc.

When Halsey tried to intervene the couple said the girl had just fainted.

48. Involve: To include as a necessary circumstance

Whatever your GrandMother did, don’t involve me.

49. Item: A separate article

Seven years ago, she and Denia were a weekly item, as they say.

50. Journal: A daily record

Mark closed the journal and began his preparation.

51. Job: A piece of worK

Sandra could get her job at the diner.

52. Label: A slip of paper, cloth,

Casandra rewarded him with a thousand dollar smile as she looked at the label on the package.

53. Lecture: A speech read or delivered before an audience

“I don’t want a lecture,”she said firmly.

54. Locate: To identify or discover the place

Anne told Hendrick she was just trying to locate the guy.

55. Maintain: To keep in existence

She’ll have to trust you to maintain absolute secrecy.

56. Manipulate: To manage or influence skillfully

My present is the ability to manipulate minds.

57. Margin: The space around the printed

My father love a broad margin to my life.

58. Mode: A manner of acting

Sandra realized they weren’t totally in stare down mode; they were talking through their feeling.

59. Modify: To change somewhat the form or qualities of

Hendric turned to modify the army placement on the map.

60. Motive: Something that causes a person to act

Barny hadn’t thought about his feelings or motive to help.

61. Mutual: Possessed, experienced, performed, etc.

We both have a mutual habbits.

62. Neutral: Not taking part

I guess my sister was tired of looking for gender neutral pronouns.

63. Objective: Something that one’s efforts

Objective reality offers an pessimistic glimpse of the future of religion.

64. Obtain: To come into possession of; get, acquire

Shean should like much to see it, and to obtain a few copies if possible.

65. Obvious: Easily seen, recognized

Hendric surveyed her slender figure with obvious appreciation.

66. Occupy: To take or fill up

He went on his way to occupy Germany.

67. Option: Right of choosing.

Maybe Andra’s option was best.

68. Partner: A person who shares

Can I be your partner every day?

69. Period: A rather large interval of time

Within a nine-hour period, Hanna had dropped $90K.

70. Perspective: A picture employing this technique

When she spoke, his perspective surprised her.

71. Plus: More by the addition of

Twenty – three dollars, plus tax.

72. Policy: A definite course of action

To their surprise, John had a $190,000 insurance policy Lora didn’t know about.

73. Potential: A part of any whole, either separated from

Helena’s earning potential is higher in a private car, around $80,000

74. Precise: Definitely

That’s why she has so many precise numbers.

75. Presume: To take for granted

Jack, I presume was his name.

76. Previous: Occurring before something else

In the kitchen Maria paused, remembering a previous conversation with Alexandra.

77. Primary: Highest in rank or importance

Some guys are his primary target and don’t ever forget it for a hour.

78. Prime: Of the first importance

Stop playing prime time movie.

79. Process: A continuous action

Oh My God, we can’t even process that!

80. Professional: Following an occupation

Johnny slipped into that professional persona.

81. Project: Something that is contemplated

“I have a new project for you,” Kristen said as she walked toward the stairs.

82. Promote: To help or encourage to exist

Kevin also exerted himself to promote the establishment of the Spain episcopate.

83. Protocol: The customs and regulations dealing with diplomatic formality

England and Prussia accepted the protocol, but it was not signed by tho diet.

84. Publication: The act of bringing before the public

Seven months after the publication of the second book.

85. Purchase: To acquire by the payment of Money

His greatest work in this period was the purchase of Alaska in 1567.

86. Radical: Of or going to the root

Since 1879 there have been five radical changes made in New York.

87. React: To act in response to an agent

How did Shiri react to his own son’s girlfriend death?

88. Recover: To make up for

My father doctor says she should recover completely, though.

89. Relax: To make less tense, rigid

Tommy relaxed his grip.

90. Section: A part that is cut off

Dan was promoted to section chief.

91. Survey: To take a general

Annie survey covered an area 800 m.

92. Technique: The manner and ability with which an artist

She learned a new technique.

93. Text: The main body of matter in a book or something like that

She pulled out his phone to text Danie.

94. Tradition: The handing down of statements

My family has a long tradition of self-sacrifice and charity.

95. Transport: To carry, move

She was transported to a  hospital.

96. Uniform: Identical or consistent, as from example to example

Her red uniform was dirty.

97. Unique: Existing as the only one

Nobody is unique.

98. Voluntary: Done, made, brought about, undertaken, etc.

Tommy volunteers.

99. Welfare: The good fortune, health, happiness, prosperity, etc.

Sandra lives on welfare

100. Violate: To break, infringe

Tanya didn’t think she was violating any laws.