Daily Routine Examples, Daily Routine Sentence in English

Daily Routine Examples, Daily Routine Sentence in English


Daily Routine Examples

A daily routine is basically an average of the things people do daily. Whether you are preparing for an English proficiency exam or just learning English, daily routines must be a part of your studies as it is a typical topic to discuss during any given English conversation.

In fact, daily routines are one of the simplest topics to talk about since you need to talk about the things you do every single day (or at least most days). It is essential to consider the context, you would not want to talk about your whole daily routine in small talk, or you do not want to ruin an important test or speaking task on your proficiency.

Which Verb Tense Should You Use While Describing Your Daily Routine?

Luckily, you will need only tense to describe your daily routine, the simple present tense. As you should know up to now, simple present tense is the simplest (no pin intended) tense of the whole English grammar. For a quick recap, the main thing you need to know about the simple present tense is the form “subject + verb.” The verb will be in its basic form, and the subject will most probably be “I” if you are not describing another person’s daily routine.

How to Describe Your Daily Routine

As I mentioned earlier, the most common way to describe your daily routine is to go chronologically. For example, you can say when you wake up, the first things to do after you are awake, and the things you do daily. You do not have to go into details, just simply give the main things that you do on an average day, and you are good to go.

Even though the daily routine is created with the simple present tense, you should also use some adverbs to give a sequence. Adverbs come in handy, especially if you want to specify whether you are doing this activity every single day, from time to time, or never. The following are the most common adverbs to use while explaining your daily routine:

  • Usually
  • Then
  • Next
  • First
  • Sometimes
  • Always
  • After

Example Sentences for a Daily Routine

You might encounter a situation where you asked to describe your whole day, as well as a small portion of your day. The following are daily routine examples that can come in handy while you are describing your daily routine:

  • I usually woke up at … (insert the average hour you wake up here)
  • I always eat breakfast / I typically skip breakfast …
  • Next, I start to do my schoolwork /. Next, I generally attend my classes …
  • After, I generally eat lunch / I never eat lunch …
  • Then I go back home / I do my homework when I get back home …
  • I typically watch some TV before bed, / I try to read a book before bed …
  • I shower every night before bed / I typically shower in the morning …
  • I go to bed around 11 PM / I never go to bed early …

If you would like to, you can make things a little bit more detailed. For example, you can specify the orders of each activity in your daily routine. Here are some examples of more advanced sentences for a daily routine:

  • I drink my coffee first; then I eat breakfast.
  • I do a quick workout every day before I go to bed.
  • I generally go out when I finish my work early.
  • I go to school after I brush my teeth and get dressed.

Full Daily Routine Example

Now that you know about the basics, you can read the following paragraph to have a comprehensive idea of what a complete daily routine looks like.

  • I typically wake up at 8:30 AM. I try to wake up as soon as my alarm goes off, not to be late. Then, I take a shower and dress. After I eat my breakfast, I leave the house for work. At lunchtime, I usually go out with my coworkers to eat. When my shift is over, I come back home and cook for dinner. After I eat dinner, I usually go for a walk. Next, I shower and go to bed.