English Synonyms Opportunity, Definition and Examples, Another Words for Opportunity

English Synonyms Opportunity, Definition and Examples

English Synonyms Opportunity, Definition and Examples

The word opportunity means moving to an advantageous situation over any situation. The word opportunity is also called the appropriate situation, appropriate time, condition or occasion. Optimal condition, condition and time to watch. Learning a word with synonyms will improve our competence in that language, improve our ability to form sentences, improve our vocabulary, and help us use that language well.

I didn’t want to, then I thought it was an opportunity to get out of the house.

There are also some words that have the same meaning as opportunity, but have different spellings, these words are called synonyms. Knowing a word along with its synonyms increases our competence in that language and increases our ability to speak and write.

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The word opportunity, with synonyms, is given below in some example sentences:


This is my last chance to win the exam.


I have more business to deal with than you.

Good Time

We started this business at a very good time.

Golden Opportunity

I’m offering you a golden opportunity, I hope you will evaluate it well.


My best advantage at this school is that we work with very good teachers.


You don’t admit that you have the capacity to win this contest.


What kind of ability has opened up many doors to you.


This will be your most important choice in life, you have to think very well.


Liberty is the most preferred cause in this country.


Now I want you to show your full potential in this painting exhibition.


When we put together all probabilities, we determined that you are suitable for this.


Two months from now, you have an exam, and getting started doesn’t make you lose anything, on the contrary.


I suggest you look through this window.


If you take all the risks into consideration, you can move to this country.

In addition, the synonymous words that have the same meaning as opportunity are given below:

Free ride (idiom), lucky break, lucky chance, moment, occasion, scope, turn, favorable time, a seconf bite of the cherry (idiom), window, advisability, appropriate occasion, apprporiate time, attempt, availability, break, contingency, convenience, fluke, fortuity, fortune, good chance, good fortune, hope, juncture, latitude, luck, moment, odds, opening, opportune moment, opportune time, option, prospect, right,  scope, shot, slot,  suitable time, time, turn,  time, timeliness, vacancy, window of opportunity, risk.