10 Sentences in Present Continuous Tense in English

10 Sentences in Present Continuous Tense in English

When we express ourselves in everyday life, we often talk about situations that are already happening. We often use present continuous tense to tell others about our own lives and to inform people about what is happening around us. Therefore, it is really important to know about the use of present continuous tense.

In everyday life, we can express both verbs and situations in the present time. In addition, we can sometimes imply some information about the future by using the present tense structure. To do all this, you must first learn how to use the present continious tense.

10 Sentences in Present Continuous;

1.I am doing well.

2.You are studying ha, then you will get a god grade in the exam.

3.They have been going on a course to learn English for a long time.

4.He has been reading a newspaper for two hours.

5.She is talking to you and you are not listening to her. This is really shame.

6.She has been watching TV for six hours.

7.I have been playing paintball since 10th November.

8.You are not doing that, right?

9.They are not coming, sorry.

10.It is not helping to me, please stop it.

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