10 Sentences in Present Perfect Tense in English

10 Sentences in Present Perfect Tense in English

Present Perfect Tense is an English tense describing the uncertain Past Tense. This tense is a very important tense where it is used. Where to use should not be confused with Simple Past Tense, which also describes the past tense. Present Perfect Tense means that a job has been done at any uncertain time in the past. In other words, it is appropriate to explain past works with Present Perfect Tense.

When Present Perfect Tense is forming a sentence, the subject is taken first, the auxiliary verb is placed next to it and the third form of the verb is added. The sentence is completed as desired. Envelopes such as yesterday, Tuesday, last year, which refer to certain times in the past, are only used with Present Perfect Tense with “since and before”. If the date of the job is specified, Present Perfect Tense is not used, instead Simple Past Tense is used. It can be expressed as uncertain past tense.  Because in these sentences, it is important whether or not the work done in the past was done, especially if it was done.


10 Sentences in Present Perfect Tense;

1.You have listened to Madonna in the concert.

2.He has gone, sorry for that.

3.I have told you that you should not go there.

4.You have not made it, right? Because it is not necessary to me.

5.They have not approved this behavior, so change it as soon as possible.

6.I have never done that before, please do not blame me for this behavior.

7.I have not finished my homework yet

8.I have been in Madrid 2 years ago.

9.Has not Alex come yet?

10.Her mother has lived there since 2001.

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