12 Tenses in English

12 Tenses and Example Sentences;

12 Tenses & Examples in English

Tenses Positive Negative Question
Present Simple prefer my coffee black. don’t prefer my coffee black. Do I prefer my coffee black?
Present Continuous She is listening the music now. She is not listening the music now. Is she listening the music now?
Present Perfect It has rained a lot lately. It has not rained a lot lately. Has it rained a lot lately?
Present PerfectContinuous She has been singing a song. She has not been singinga song. Has she been singing a song?
Past Simple We watched the news last night. We did not watch the news last night. Did we watch the news last night?
Past Continuous was learning German last year. was not learning German last year. Was I learning German last year?
Past perfect He had left when I went to the club. He had not left when I went to the club. Had he left when I went to the club?
Past Perfect Continuous They had been beingfriend since childhood. They had not been beingfriend since childhood. Had they been beingfriend since childhood?
Future Simple They will study math. They will not study math. Will they study math?
Future Continuous They will be loving you. They will not be lovingyou. Will they be loving you?
Future Perfect By next week, they willhave earned lots of money. By next week, they will nothave earned lots of money. Will they have earned lots of Money, by next week?
Future PerfectContinuous will have been shoppingon Tuesday. will not have been shopping on Tuesday. Will I have been shoppingon Tuesday?