Transition For a Conclusion, Conclusion Transition Words, Definition and Example Sentences

Transition For a Conclusion, Conclusion Transition Words, Definition and Example Sentences

Transition For a Conclusion

When writing an important article, the conclusion in this article is one of the most important and detailed sections of the article. Because the conclusion section provides to summarize the feelings and thoughts in a complete and clear way. To write an article in this way, it is necessary to use the words with the right level of phrases and such words can completely change everything about the article.

Especially for students, the subject of transition for a conclusion is of great importance. It also helps to give the main keyword of the article in the conclusion section to help students to make the result parts of the article article somewhat more unique. The value of the article will increase when it is learned exactly how to write the result paragraph for a strong article. It is also very important that students work on general transitions. In such a case, the words transition should not be skipped. In this lesson, we will examine the transition for a conclusion issue with examples.

Tips and Notes

It is very important to know the tips for the topic of transition for a conclusion:

  • It is always a good idea to see how students are doing when starting a new article. A small-scale brainstorming is absolutely necessary to see if students writing articles can write words or phrases of transition for a conclusion style on their own during the article.
    So definitely download all the words for transition for a conclusion, print them out and hang them where you can see them. These words or phrases will be a savior for you when writing an article or during an essay. Repeating constantly in this way will also help to memorize these words easily.
  • Another issue that needs to be done after the brainstorming situation is to learn the synonym words(for +600 Synonym Words and Definition) of transition for a conclusion based words or phrases. Such words must be memorized and clearly known. For this, it is necessary to work independently or perhaps with a common friend in order to find synonyms related to the result, to grasp such words and to learn some interesting transition for a conclusion words. Also, with the gathering of a few people, much clearer results and interesting ideas can come up.
  • Finally, in order to make the article writing easier, it may also be useful to find a reference source for the words transition for a conclusion as a group. For this, the entire transition for a conclusion word or phrases can be used frequently in the article and must be memorized. Otherwise, reading the article prepared may be troublesome for other people.

Now let’s look at examples of transition for a conclusion, conclusion transition words:


In essence: The word in ensence is a very useful word even if it is not used frequently. This word is used in the conclusion paragraph to describe the main theme of an article.

  • In essence, they live in London
  • In essence, Tomas and Silver act together in any case, but they never understood each other clearly.

The In the final analysis: This phrase is used in many situations. It is preferred to describe the thought that should be in an article.

  • In the final analysis, all people living in this country were never satisfied with their lives.
  • In the final analysis, all economists of this period state that the currency will rise.

To sum up: This phrase is especially preferred for general article writing.

  • To sum up, we began to feel that doctors are making a very important contribution to people’s recovery.
  • To sum up, he knows he doesn’t come to this website to see ads, but these ads help moderators to use such platforms for free.

Ultimately: This word is very often preferred in the article. In general, the article explains the main theme again.

  • So ultimately, they are looking for a much better place to learn languages ​​on the internet and many institutions are improving themselves.
  • Ultimately, every person is not the same, there is bad as well as good.

All things considered: This phrase is used to say that everything is fine, which means that although a situation is not perfect, it is generally very good.

  • I think the school was great, everything was thought all things considered so we didn’t have much time to go to school, but it was still a very good school.
  • All things considered for this party, we didn’t know how to go.

Finally: Finally, which we encounter very often is used to report the result of an article. It is the most commonly used word.

  • Finally she realized that her boyfriend did not like her and was extremely upset.
  • He finally believed he was sick.

In summary: This phrase appears mostly. In summary is generally used to get to the bottom of the article.

  • In order to live longer, better quality food should be consumed, exercise should be done and ways to be productive should be sought, in summary, every person should take care of themselves.

In brief: The preferred in brief to describe the whole paragraph in a sentence is a very popular phrase.

  • The last work of the experts for the disease in brief includes the essence of the diseases in human life and provides the most explicit access to its purpose, both practically and theoretically.
  • The snow season lasts from November to the end of February and the snow usually falls in brief effectively every three or four days.

In the end: This phrase is preferred to address an important conclusion after a long process at the end of the job, after too many changes or too much discussion.

  • In the end, after years of discussion, the result was achieved.
  • Although she could in the end reach the position she deserved, she suffered a lot of suffering for days.

Now that vocabulary is developing well, it is time to activate these words. In the next period, you should use these words frequently and bring them to daily life.