Transitional Words And Phrases, Transitional Example Sentences

Transitional Words And Phrases, Transitional Example Sentences

Transitional Words And Phrases

When you want to write an effective composition or a short paragraph in English, what do you pay attention to? In many schools and colleges, one of the most basic signs of learning English is that individuals use a large number of transitional words and phrases to combine different phrases to match their meaning. While these uses make the text far from more deactive and boring, it also reinforces the narration and enables the person to draw attention to the details that he wants to tell.

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Those who want to write content with a richer and professional language can use different transitional words and phrases in almost every sentence. There are many types of transitional words in English that can meet different meanings such as contrast, similarity, cause and effect relationship. We can examine these words in detail. While reading this article, do not forget to note the words and phrases you like. Now you will start getting much higher scores from your essay writing assignments.

Cause and Effect

First, when you want to create a cause and effect relationship in your sentence, let’s take a look at which words or phrases you can use. These words and phrases can be used sometimes at the beginning of the sentence and sometimes in the middle. So don’t be surprised when you see different uses.


  1. Therefore: I told you that all this would be negative; Therefore, I will not help you.
  2. Consequently: Many people objected after the exam scores were announced. Consequently, department management decided to review the exams.
  3. As a result: They had been fighting constantly for a long time and they were rude to each other. As a result, they announced they decided to leave today.


Some of the common transitional words variants can be used to indicate a row between two different situations, events, or people. In this case, we can more easily understand whether a situation occurred first, after, or in what order. Such words sometimes indicate the direct number of lines. Sometimes they offer priority or retirement information. Also, after providing specific information, when you specify something in addition to that information, you should actually use the transitional words in the sequence category.

Important Tip: No paragraph can start with the transition word.

  1. In addition: Talking to you today is very good for me. In addition, seeing you happy too made the situation really satisfying.
  2. Finally: We have done so much work! Sweeping the house, removing dust, wiping the floor! Finally, we ventilated the house and the day of the cleaning was over.
  3. Likewise: He almost punched me when I spoke to him today. Likewise, her brother also looked really angry and intolerant. Something negative must have happened at home.

Comparison Or Contrast

Sometimes we want to explain the contents of the two information we give in a paragraph by comparing them with each other. In this case, the two pieces of information may be presenting parallel results. In addition, this information may be completely opposite to each other and hence these statements may be contradictory. Using two contradictory statements one after another will cause you to lose points directly under normal circumstances. But if you put a transition word that says a contradictory meaning, then the score you get from essay homework will increase even more. Let’s examine a few examples if you wish.

  1. In the same way: While doing my homework, I scan dozens of different sources and complete the summary process meticulously. In the same way, I am punctual and organized about studying.
  2. On the contrary: Global warming effects continue to increase day by day. On the contrary, politicians have not budgeted enough to fix this issue.
  3. Not only but also: I’m bored these days. Not only you but also everyone is able to exhaust sentences that will somehow make me unhappy. I am very surprised by this situation.
  4. Although: You are the most valuable to me among so many people, I always say that. Although, it looks like we will have to part our way with you too.


As you know, after using a topic sentence in the introduction of a paragraph and presenting the first idea after this sentence, it is necessary to support this idea. In order to support this idea, you should sometimes give various examples and make the situation more concrete. In order to do such a thing, you will need to use transitional words that inform you that you will give an example. An essay content enriched with both examples and various transitional words will help you get a very high score. Because such content shows that you really know the English language.

  1. For example: Many natural events today threaten the life of humanity. For example, situations such as earthquakes, floods, landslides or global warming cause many people to worry about the future.
  2. For instance: Sometimes responsibilities at school can take away our chance to experience everyday life in a sufficiently colorful way. For instance, project assignments, exams, and periods when researches come together can be very intense.
  3. Specifically: In many states of the United States, people’s everyday comfort is very high, and their income is prospering. Specifically, New York, New Jersey, and Los Angeles are some of these states.
  4. To illustrate: Some of our daily routines help us efficiently utilize our spare time and provide higher efficiency. Examples include to illustrate, read books, watch documentaries with short episodes, watch our favorite series.


Don’t forget to use the sample sentences and transitional word types we have listed above for you in your articles and essay assignments. Often punctuation errors are often made in the use of such words. Therefore, we recommend that you examine the samples carefully. If you examine carefully, you will notice that comma is used after transitional word types.


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