10 Food Names in English, 10 Names of Food with Pictures

10 Food Names in English, 10 Names of Food with Pictures

While learning the English language, it is extremely important to use this language in a practical way in daily life. You can learn the names of different foods and different tastes, so you can communicate more comfortably in everyday life or when ordering something for yourself in the restaurant.

The English language is a very rich language. If you want to get information about different food names and speak English fluently with this information, you are in the right place. Here are the most popular food names and sample sentences established with these names!

Here are 10 food names and definition

1. Apple juice: If you want to eat really healthy and meet your sweet needs naturally, you should prefer organic foods such as apple juice.

2. Milk: Recently, almond milk is one of the most preferred liquid foods especially by vegans.

3. Cookies: Being still at home for a long time made me learn how to make different foods such as cookies in the kitchen.

4. Cake: When I feel sweet in my daily life, I prefer to examine the most practical cake recipes on the internet. These cake recipes are sometimes with cocoa and sometimes with nuts.

5. Tomato: In daily life, adding additional foods such as tomatoes or peppers between the meals we prepare will make the food healthier and nutritious.

6. Hamburger: I feel very good today, it will be great for me to eat hamburgers and have a pleasant afternoon at the mall.

7. Seafood: Individuals in the Mediterranean region often prefer different seafood varieties. Such foods are also extremely rich in protein.

8. Soup: A large number of healthy soups are suitable for people on a daily diet, and these foods can also be highly nutritious.

9. Buttermilk: Buttermilk when I found my first time tasting the opportunity to travel to Turkey, he had gone really liked it. It is actually very easy to make buttermilk in everyday life.

10. Pancake: Preferring pancakes especially in the morning makes it possible to prepare a really delicious meal.