50 words with meaning and sentence

50 words with meaning and sentence

Learn English Words, 50 New English Words With Meaning and Sentences

1. Car: A vehicle used to drive from place to place.
2. Catch: Capture an escaping person or animal.
3. Speed: Quickness, to go above a certain speed.
4 Please: Asking someone to do something or to ask for want something.
5. Dead: The end of a person’s life.
6. Adjective: Defines the words characterized the name and it is the word used before the name.
7. Guess: Based on reason and some data, intuition about an event or situation.
8. Plane: This word has two meanings. It refers to a flat and uneven area and also means a plane which is a means of transportation.
9. Loud: It refers to the higher of the normal sound decibel.
10. Deal: To reach a common decision on a certain subject.
11. Again: Repeating a topic or situation periodically.

12. Gun: A tool used attack or defend.
13. Love: Connecting to someone or someone with love.

Here are 500 New Words With Meaning

14 Certain: Able to firmly relied on to happen.
15. Chance: Possibility of something happening.
16. Check: Examine something in order to determine its accuracy.
17. Choose: Seperating the desired from many options.
18. Church: Holy place of christians.
19. Family: A group of one or two parents and their kids.
20. Famous: Known about by many people.
21. Far: Requiring a long way to go.
22. First: Leading from others in terms of time, order and place.
23. Flower: The colored part of a plant carries its reproductive organs.
24. Fly: A feature that belongs to birds and an inanimate being.
25. Heavy: Means its weight is more than normal.

26. Help: Not being able to do one job alone and ask for support from someone else.
27. High: Which is the distance between the top and bottom.
28. History: Telling about the events that took place in the past by giving the date and place.
29. Home: The structure in which people live.
30. Language: The way people communicate to Express their feelings and thoughts.
31. Large: Relatively great capacity or size.
32. Last: Remaining- continue for a specifired period of time.
33. Middle: The place that is equidistant between the two ends of something.
34. Milk: A white beverage made from cow, sheep or goat.
35. Name: A person, an animal, a plant, a place, an emotion and thought etc. the word that helps us recognize things.
36. Natural: In nature, related to nature.
37. Never: At no time in the past or future.
38. Night: The time from sunset to dawn.
39. Often: It means that it is constantly ongoing.
40. Prepare: To make use of something, to be used, to be applied.
41. President: Being at the head of a community, organization or group means managing.
42. Result: Another event caused by an event.

43. Right: Morally good- true or correct as a fact.
44. Rose: A kind of flower with various colors.
45. Second: Coming after the first in time or order sixtieth of a minute of time.
46. Student: The name given to people who g oto school anda re trained by teachers.
47. Tall: Something is longer than normal.
48. Today: Before tomorrow, the day after yesterday.
49. Distance: There is a certain distance between the two things.
50. History: Telling about the events that took place in the past by giving the date and place.