500 New Words With Meaning

English Vocabulary List, 500 new words with meaning and sentences


English Vocabulary List, 500 new words with meaning and sentences

1. About: Using when talking about a topic or something.
2. Location: A place where we have been or described.
3. Grass: Green areas, usually in gardens and parks.
4. Basketball: A kind of sport played by two teams and trying to circulate a ball belonging to the game.
5. Plan: Organizing, planning about a situation or event.
6. Dark: A place without light.
7. Great: A complete and wonderful job or situation.
8. Across: Standing directly against an individual or an object.
9. Speak: Talking about something.
10. Day: It is a 24 hour zone created by the rotation of the world around its own axis.

11. Lost: Not being able to find a sought object. Striving to find.
12. Group: It is the community that holds more than 2 objects or people in the same place.
13. Action: To be in certain action, movement and activity.
14. Speed: Quickness, to go above a certain speed.
15. Please: Asking someone to do something or to ask for want something.
16. Dead: The end of a person’s life.
17. Adjective: Defines the words characterized the name and it is the word used before the name.
18. Guess: Based on reason and some data, intuition about an event or situation.
19. Plane: This word has two meanings. It refers to a flat and uneven area and also means a plane which is a means of transportation.
20. Loud: It refers to the higher of the normal sound decibel.
21. Deal: To reach a common decision on a certain subject.
22. Again: Repeating a topic or situation periodically.
23. Gun: A tool used attack or defend.
24. Love: Connecting to someone or someone with love.
25. Man: The breed that will fertilize the female of humans, animals or plants.
26. Decide: To decide on a matter or a problem, to a conclusion.
27. Among: Being between two subjects or objects.
28. Hair: The whole of hairs on our heads.
29. Play: It is an action used in conjunction with activities such as a sport, a computer game or dancing with music.

30. Deep: The area from the surface to the inside, the depth.
31. Map: It is a drawing a part of the earth on a plane by reducing it with a certain scale.
32. Answer: Responding to a situation or a question, responding to things that are curious.
33. Describe: Identifying a particular situation, object or person.
34. Happy: Feeling joy in the face of a pleasing situation.
35. Appear: The eyes and mind first perceive when looking at something.
36. Plural: Anti singular. When talking about the multiplicity of an objecti it is a pluralization of a special addition to the word.
37. Mark: Symptom, sign.
38. Design: Decorating a certain group of items, objects or subjects according to a certain order.
39. Hard: Not easy, troublesome.
40. Apple: It is a kind of fruit that grows in the tree with red, green and yellow colors.
41. Poem: The way emotions and thoughts Express witout being in the form of prose.
42. Square: A geometric shape whose four sides are equal.
43. Matter: What is being talked about.
44. Detail: To consider the details of a whole.
45. Hat: A kind of head-mounted accessory.
46. Ask: To direct those who are curious about a subject.
47. Poor: Not rich.
48. Determine: To determine the specific features of a concept by explaining.
49. Mean: Explanations of concepts.
50. Baby: The name given to individuals aged 0-3 years.
51. Heart: The organ located in the thoracic cavity between the two lungs.
52. Develop: A situation getting better.
53. Possible: Possinle situation, not impossible.
54. Bad: Not good results and conditions.
55. Measure: Unit used to evaluate a quantity.
56. Dictionary: A book containing words and their meanings.
57. Heat: The temperature of something high.
58. Stop: Ending the movement of an individual and thing in motion.
59. Ball: A round- shaped instrument for playing various games.
60. Difference: With a distinction between them.

61. Practice: Is about action and practice, which is easy to appley.
62. Beautiful: Perceived as pleasant in appearance.
63. Meet: To introduce themselves in the first meeting of two people.
64. Heavy: Means its weight is more than normal.
65. Difficult: Means not easy, made with trouble and difficulty.
66. Because: Used when describing the cause of an event or situation.
67. Help: Not being able to do one job alone and ask for support from someone else.
68. Member: Means joining a group or a team.
69. Prepare: To make use of something, to be used, to be applied.
70. Direction: Line followed by a person or object.
71. Bed: Articles used for sleeping.
72. Discover: It refers to things that are not learned about their existence, but which are learned later.
73. High: Which is the distance between the top and bottom.
74. President: Being at the head of a community, organization or group means managing.
75. Method: Procedure, way.
76. Student: The name given to people who g oto school anda re trained by teachers.
77. Before: First.
78. Distance: There is a certain distance between the two things.
79. History: Telling about the events that took place in the past by giving the date and place.
80. Begin: To take the first step for a job or an action.
81. Middle: The place that is equidistant between the two ends of something.
82. Home: The structure in which people live.
83. Doctor: Profession for treating people who are sick.
84. Problem: Trouble, issue.
85. Behind: Means not ahead.
86. Hope: It means hoping for a job.
87. Door: Is the item at the entrance of a building, room or house.
88. Milk: A white beverage made from cow, sheep or goat.
89. Produce: Reproduce.
90. Below: The part of something that is close to the ground.

91. Draw: Drawing a line, painting a thing.
92. Hot: A substance is above its normal temperature.
93. Dress: Clothing made to wear.
94. Product: Refers to substance derived from soil, plants, animals etc.
95. Mind: Means the ability to think, absorb and understand.
96. Best: Qualitively the most admirable level.
97. Hour: A time period of sixty minutes, equal to twenty- four of a day’s duration.
98. Drive: Means driving vehicles such as cars.
99. Provide: To perform a job by preparing the necessary conditions.
100. Minute: Time value of one- sixty of the hour.
101. Between: Is the situation between two things.
102. Dry: Without water, moisture.
103. Summer: One of the four seasons, the hosttest.
104. Huge: Hover over something.
105. Miss: The desire to see something he/she likes or someone.
106. Big: Above avarage.
107. During: As long as it lasts.
108. Bird: A flying animal with wings and beak.
109. Hunting: Catching animals in the forest.
110. Arm: The section from the shoulder to the tip of the fingers.
111. Blood: Vital fluid.
112. Moment: A very brief period of time.
113. Board: Flat piece of wood or other hard material used for floors or buildings.
114. Ice: Frozen water.
115. Push: Exert force on somebody/ something to move them away.
116. Artist: Person who deals with fine arts.
117. Assistant: In an effort; the person who helps the person doing the work.
118. Each: Identified seperately.
119. Book: Written or printed pages glues together.
120. Money: Current exhange of coins.
121. Idea: A suggestion or thought.
122. Question: A sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit information.
123. Early: Happening or done before the expected time.
124. Both: Refer to two people or things.
125. Important: Great significance or value.
126. Earth: The planet which we live.
127. Box: A container with a flat base and sides.
128. Quickly: Rapidly, at a fast speed.
129. East: The direction on the right hand of people facing North.
130. Include: Contains as parts of a whole.
131. Bee: An animal that produces honey.
132. Benefit: Conveniently useful.
133. Berry: Fruits such as strawbeeries, cherries.
134. Wonderful: Very good, unique.
135. Boy: Male child.
136. Easy: Achieved without great effort.
137. Month: Each of the twelve named periods into year.
138. Branch: faculty, subject.
139. Quiet: Making little noise or no noise.
140. Swim: Propel the body through water using bodily movement.
141. Increase: Become or make greater in size or amount.
142. Eat: Put the food in the mouth and chew and swallow it.
143. Break: Seperate into pieces as a result.
144. Edge: The outside limit of an object, area or surface.
145. Information: Facts provided or learned about something.
146. Bright: Reflecting much light.
147. Rate: The speed at which something changes and happens
148. Moon: The natural satellite of the earth.
149. Race: Competition to see which is the fastest.
150. Morning: The period between the night and noon.
151. Effect: A resul tor consequences of an action.
152. With: Conjunction reporting affiliation.
153. Brother: A mano r boy in a relation to other sons and daughter of his parents.
154. Interest: Working on a subject means trying.
155. Egg: A white food from chickens.
156. Read: To learn the content of a written text and what it says.

157. Build: Integrate.
158. Island: It is called a piece of land surrounded by sea on all four sides.
159. End: Get through.
160. Burn: Fire something and make it burn.
161. Mother: Woman with a child.
162. Reason: Cause.
163. Enjoy: Indulge, take pleasure.
164. Join: Participate, attend, go in for.
165. But: But between two seperate sentences with contrast between the stated thoughts.
166. Enough: Sufficient, adequate.
167. Record: Register.
168. Mountain: It refers to the height with protruding, high and inclined slopes of the earth’s crust.
169. Teacher: Tutor for student.
170. Key: Tool for unlocking.
171. Buy: Getting something for Money.
172. Enter: Go into.
173. By: By way of.
174. Mouth: The lower and upper lip part of a cavity.
175. Kill: To end someone’s life.
176. Remember: Not forgetting something known.
177. Equal: On a par with each other.
178. Table: Square board supported by feet, with various jobs.
179. Call: Conversation by phone.
180. Evening: The hours when the day ends and the night starts.
181. Kind: The section that includes all individuals with common characteristics, where the sexes are seperated.
182. Move: Displacement event.
183. Repeat: To do or say once more.
184. Can: Be able to.
185. Every: One by one gives meaning.
186. King: Head of state.
187. Capital: Important cirt, the administrative center of the state.
188. Example: What is taken to be similar.
189. Resent: Getting angry with someone for a situation.
190. Name: A person, an animal, a plant, a place, an emotion and thought etc. the word that helps us recognize things.
191. Know: : Having learned something.
192. Car: A vehicle used to drive from place to place.
193. Except: Which is outside of something.
194. Carefully: Exactingly.
195. Exciting: Alive and emotionalistic.
196. Known: Common, celebrated, kenned.
197. Case: Asserted thought.
198. Exercise: It means training and practice.
199. Natural: In nature, related to nature.
200. Result: Another event caused by an event.
201. Lady: Ms.
202. Catch: Capture an escaping person or animal.
203. Experience: Knowledge and skills gained by a person.
204. Cause: One job leads to another job.
205. Lake: Small puddle.
206. Experiment: Scientific verification.
207. Necessary: Wherewithal, necessity.
208. Tall: Something is longer than normal.
209. Center: Middle of a certain place.
210. Rich: Not poor.
211. Explain: To give information about a subject.
212. Language: The way people communicate to Express their feelings and thoughts.
213. Century: The time lived in.
214. Need: Requirement and demand.
215. Eye: Organs of sight.
216. Certain: Able to firmly relied on to happen.
217. Face: The front part of the person’s head.
218. Large: Relatively great capacity or size.
219. Chance: Possibility of something happening.
220. Right: Morally good- true or correct as a fact.
221. Factory: Buildings where goods are manufactured.
222. Change: Make different.
223. Last: Remaining- continue for a specifired period of time.
224. Factors: Circumstance or fact that contributes to a result.
225. Never: At no time in the past or future.
226. Check: Examine something in order to determine its accuracy.
227. Fall: Act of falling or collapsing.
228. Chief: A leader of people.
229. Family: A group of one or two parents and their kids.
230. Room: Space that can be occupied.
231. New: Discovered recently.
232. Child: A young human being.
233. Later: Near future.
234. Famous: Known about by many people.
235. Night: The time from sunset to dawn.
236. Today: Before tomorrow, the day after yesterday.
237. Choose: Seperating the desired from many options.
238. Rose: A kind of flower with various colors.
239. Far: Requiring a long way to go.
240. Church: Holy place of christians.
241. Train: Give information to students.
242. Farm: It is a large land that is cultivated on.

243. Circle: Spherical.
244. Rule: Law to obey.
245. No: Refuse.
246. Farmer: Who earns their living by cultivating the land.
247. Laugh: Action taken as a result of happiness.
248. City: Town, place.
249. Fast: Quickly.
250. Class: Room in which the lesson is taught.
251. Run: Walk fast.
252. Nose: An organ on our face that helps us smell.
253. Law: Compulsory rules.
254. Father: A man had a child.
255. Clean: Not dirty.
256. Fear: Worry.
257. Learn: Obtain information.
258. Noun: Name.
259. Climb: Go to a high place.
260. Same: Things that resemble the features.
261. Feel: Sense.
262. Close: Shut down, turn off.
263. Fight: Take a part in a violent struggle.
264. Say: Utter words to convey information.
265. Object: Material can be seen or touch.
266. Cloth: Woven or felted fabric made from cotton or similar things.
267. Finally: After a long time.
268. Leave: Go away from.
269. Cloud: A visible mass of condensed watery vapour floating.
270. School: An institution for educating children.
271. Travel: Go from one place to another.
272. Find: Discover by chance or unexpectedly.
273. Observe: Notice something and register it as being significant.
274. Cold: Low temperature.
275. Fine: High quality good.
276. Come: Move towards near to the speaker.
277. Second: Coming after the first in time or order sixtieth of a minute of time.
278. Left: West side of people facing North.
279. Finger: Parts attached to the hands.
280. Common: Occuring or done often prevalent.
281. Fire: Ingite.
282. Company: Place of work.
283. Send: Convey something to someone.
284. First: Leading from others in terms of time, order and place.
285. Less: Missing than usual.
286. Ocean: The water larger than sea.
287. Compare: To reveal similar or different aspects of people or objects.
288. Floor: Ground.
289. Complete: To remove the deficiency and bring it to the whole state.
290. Flower: The colored part of a plant carries its reproductive organs.
291. Letter: Written paper for communication.
292. Sentence: Statement.
293. Often: It means that it is constantly ongoing.
294. Consonant: Not vowel letters in the alphabet.
295. Fly: A feature that belongs to birds and an inanimate being.
296. Contain: Include.
297. Follow: Go in a certain direction.
298. Shape: Form, manner.
299. Old: Not young.
300. Continue: Keep a situation going.
301. Level: Degree, grade.
302. Triangle: Geometric shape formed by three line segments.
303. Food: Things that enable us to feed to survive.
304. Control: To check.
305. Shoes: The clothes we wear on our feet when going out.
306. Force: Strength as an attribute of physical action.
307. Open: Allowing Access throught empty space not closed.
308. Cook: Prepare food.
309. Forest: A large area covered with trees.
310. Copy: A thing made to be similar.
311. Form: Visible shape of something.
312. Lie: Being in a resting position intentionally false statement.
313. Silent: Not making any sound.
314. Page: Paper in a book.
315. Corner: A place where two sides meet.
316. Free: Not under the control.
317. Paint: Covering the surface of something.
318. Sister: A woman or girl in relation to toher daughters or sons of her parents.
319. Correct: In accordance with fact or truth.
320. Fresh: Recently made.
321. Cost: Require the payment before it can be done.
322. Life: The time from birth to death.
323. Paper: Material that is for writing or drawing.
324. Friend: A person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection.
325. Cotton: A white plant in a cocoon.
326. Fruit: Edible part of the trees.
327. Could: The third version of the word can.
328. Light: Not dark.
329. Full: Complete, whole, overall.
330. Part: It means that things leaves a whole.
331. Country: Place under the sovereignty of a state.
332. Fun: Spend a joyful and pleasant time.
333. True: Not lie, right and correct.
334. Sit: Not standing, staying in the place where it settled.
335. Course: Training place on various subjects.
336. Like: Good and beautiful things.
337. Game: Is fun for people to have a good time.
338. Create: To create something new by making use of the mind.
339. Garden: Where there are various flowers and plants.
340. Cry: Shed tears.
341. List: A number of connected items or names written.
342. Sleep: Natural resting state.
343. Past: Gone by in time.
344. Girl: Female child.
345. Crowd: Large number of people gathered together.

346. Glass: Drinking containers.
347. Current: Belonging to the present time.
348. Pay: Giving Money that is due for work done.
349. Listen: Giving attention to the sound.
350. Gold: Chemical element and precious metal.
351. Smile: Forming into pleased.
352. Cut: Make an opening or wound with a sharp tool.
353. Good: Fine.
354. Picture: A painting or drawing.
355. Little: Small size or amount.
356. Dance: Move rhythmically to music.
357. Government: People with the authority to govern a country or state.
358. Live: Remain alive- survive.
359. Place: Current location.
360. Sometimes: Now and then.
361. Try: Testing an object or thought.
362. Understand: Comprehend.
363. Use: To benefit for a certain purpose.
364. Verb: Predicate.
365. Village: Small settlement.
366. Visit: Go seeing a place or a person.
367. Wait: Give some time.
368. Want: To request something from someone.
369. War: Armed action initiated by two opposing views.
370. Week: Called the period of seven days.
371. Year: Is the time when the earth turns around a round of the sun.
372. Yard: Garden.
373. Yes: Is the word of approval gşven in response to questions.
374. Team: Group.
375. Term: Word with a special meaning on a topic.
376. Street: Big road where small roads meet in the city.
377. Store: Great shops.
378. Ring: Sound.
379. Region: Piece of land with boundaries specified.
380. Plant: Growing a plant.
381. Northern: Name given to the inhabitants of the North.
382. Melody: Pleasant sound.
383. Industry: Industrial.
384. Hear: Sensing sounds with the senses tool.
385. Football: A game played on the field with two teams and a ball.
386. Bite: Squeezing a substance between the teeth.
387. Burn: To ignite.
388. Cast: Shep and spill.
389. Choke: Stay stuffy for any reason.
390. Damage: Do evil.
391. Emergency: What needs to be done without losing time.
392. Illness: Disorder that occurs in the structure and functioning of the organism.
393. Panic: Strong fear about a subject.
394. Shock: Experiencing an astonishing event.
395. Stroke: Paralysis.
396. Wound: Wounding with a weapon or similar tool.
397. Accept: Acknowledge.
398. Address: Where someone will be found when called.
399. Advantage: Positive aspects of a situation or event.
400. Advice: Counsel, warning.
401. Agenda: Highlight of the day.
402. Apply: Validating a situation in something as it is.
403. Approve: Accepting a job as appropriate.
404. Birthday: The day the person was born.
405. Calculate: To make the account.
406. College: Name given to some school.
407. Competition: Race between people doing the same job.
408. Date: Number indicating the day of an event.
409. Decrease: Reduce.
410. Description: Imagery and portrayal.
411. Disadvantage: Expresses the negative sides of a situation.
412. Discount: Sale on the price of a good.
413. Education: Training in schools or elsewhere.
414. Employee: People working and producing in certain institutions.
415. Equipment: Tools needed for a business or organization.
416. Experience: To gain skills about a job.
417. Feedback: Back indication, provide feedback.
418. Gender: Seperation of reproductive individuals as male and female.
419. Goal: The desired result in something.
420. Growth: Human develop in the period from birth to death.
421. Height: Weighning more than normal in the scale.
422. Husband: A man married a woman.
423. Knowledge: Things learned or taught about a topic.
424. Limit: The last limit that something can reach in terms of quantity.
425. Manage: The administer.
426. Married: The marriage of a woman and a man with a ceremony.
427. Message: Information to be conveyed.
428. Mistake: Wrong or unintentional .
429. Option: To get the most attractive to us among one or more things.
430. Physical: Generally related to nature, organism.
431. Profit: Money earned by shopping affairs.
432. Promise: Say it will do it for sure.
433. Refund: To give back the return of a received property.
434. Repair: Fix something that is corrupt and outdated and make it work.
435. Report: Article containing thoughts and determinations about a subject.
436. Responsibility: The task that someone takes on, has to do.
437. Risk: To continue to the end despite the possible bad consequences of a job.
438. Salary: Fee for a job done.
439. Single: Who are not married yet.
440. Skill: To ability.
441. Success: Means a job overcome.
442. Suggest: To recommend an opinion, wishing to be accepted.
443. Target: Goal.
444. Transport: It means that transfer.
445. Wife: It is called a woman that a man marries.
446. Abolish: Cancel, repeal or abrogate.
447. Absurd: It is called nonsense.

448. Accident: Bad event causing loss of life or property.
449. Ache: Bad situation felt after a coup.
450. Bicycle: Two wheeled vehicle powered by the rear Wheel.
451. Boast: It is a state of seeing itself because of a prominent feature.
452. Delay: To transfer a job later.
453. Delicious: Good taste of a food.
454. Dentist: The doctor we go to fort he health of our teeth.
455. Depress: Not feeling well due to a bad event.
456. Stress: Anxiety about a troubled situation.
457. Exclaim: Shouting loud in the face of a terrible or surprising situation.
458. Exhibition: Show, introduce.
459. Explore: Trying to learn the unknown or hidden aspects of something.
460. Extra: Addition.
461. Fable: Fairy tale.
462. Fake: Something that is made by analogy with the original of something, is not real.
463. Relation: The link between multiple things.
464. Relax: Feeling relieved.
465. Rent: Giving one property to someone else for a certain price.
466. Request: Want something politely.
467. Role: The task that falls on a person at work.
468. Sleepy: Couldn’t get sleep stil.
469. Smell: Smell perceived by the nose, one of our five sense organs.
470. Snore: Making strange noises while breathing during sleep.
471. Social: Communal, societal.
472. Soft: Not solid and hard things.
473. Task: The action expected of a person himself.
474. Taste: To perceive the taste of what we eat with mouth, one of five sense organs.
475. Teacher: The person who teaches student to school.
476. Teenager: Not yet married, young.
477. Telephone: A communication tool.
478. Television: Device where sounds and images are detected.
479. Tend: The tendency to love, to do or to want something.
480. Thin: Slender, fine.
481. Think: Building mental abilities.
482. Tired: Being sluggish due to a certain or activity.
483. Toy: Tools for children to play.
484. Traffic: All pedestrians and vehicles on the roads.
485. Treatment: There are several ways to cure a disease.
486. Trust: Do not doubt someone.
487. Ugly: Not beautiful.
488. Umbrella: Tool used to protect from rain and sun.
489. Unemployment: Inability to find a job tol ive on.
490. Unhealthy: Not in good health.
491. Vacation: Short break to work or school.
492. Voyage: The name given to round trips between countries or cities.
493. Waiter: In some business serving customers.
494. Wall: The partition that seperates the interior parts of the buildings.
495. Wallet: An accessory in which things like Money and identity are placed.
496. Win: Ensuring a positive and good result.
497. Young: Who is out of childhood.
498. Yesterday: The day before today.
499. Write: Putting thoughts on paper wtih letters.
500. World: The earth we live in.