Fruits Names List, Definition and Examples

English Fruits Names List, Definition and Examples

English Fruits Names List, Definition and Examples


If we briefly define the fruit; Fruits contain indoor plant seeds, sometimes they contain reproductive parts, and sometimes they are called structures with developed female organs. The seed is contained in the fruit.

Ensuring the preservation and transportation of the seed is one of the main duties of the fruit. We can consume some fruits with their seeds. For example; such as hazelnuts, peanuts, corn, walnuts. Fruits are foods that are beneficial for our health and also very tasty.

Sometimes it can be confused that a food is fruit or vegetable, to distinguish it, if there are cells fertilized for reproduction on what we eat, we can call them fruits. If not, the things we eat are vegetables.

Some fruits that are thought to be vegetables are given below with sample sentences:

Tomato: Tomato is known as the most popular fruit in the world.

Avocado: The fruit I love to eat at breakfast is the avocado.

Eggplant: My brother does not like foods made with eggplant.

Olives: In our house, olives are the most indispensable food for breakfast.

Wheat: The warm breads we eat every morning at breakfast are made from wheat flour.

Corn: I love eating corn while watching movies in the cinema.

Cucumber: I love eating cucumber, but I also use it to make my skin beautiful.

Pumpkin: A variety of decorative products are made from pumpkin at Halloween.

Pepper: My father collected the peppers he had grown in our garden in the village today, they were all very fresh and delicious.

Banana: Banana is known worldwide as a radioactive fruit.

Squash: I love squash food, but my father doesn’t like it at all.

Legumes: Legumes are the foods that help me to lose weight the most.

Some fruits are given below with sample sentences:

Strawberry: Orange is known to have more vitamin c, but strawberry has more vitamin c.

Orange: The most indispensable fruit of the winter months is orange for me.

Apple: Apple is such a useful food that we can use it in almost every area.

For example; Apple is used in vinegar production and is a very useful food source for our health.

Peach: I can’t eat peach because of its cotton texture, so I always peel the skin before eating.

Watermelon: Watermelon is normally a round fruit, but in Japan, watermelons started to be produced as square.

Grapefruit: According to a recent information I learned, if we used grapefruit juice while taking medication at the same time, it could cause death.

Grape: Grape is one of my favorite fruits, and wine is also made from grapes.

Kiwi: The most popular fruit kiwi in our family.