Jobs and Occupations Names with Pictures in English

Jobs and Occupations Names with Pictures in English


Jobs and Occupations Names with Pictures in English


During our life in this life, we cannot meet our every need. Therefore, there are many business groups called occupation. The definition, task, services to people, working area, working conditions, duration and content of each job differ.  In order to make a living for someone and sustain their lives, the job they constantly do is called a profession.

Occupations emerged from the needs of people and each job has its own characteristics. All occupations have a very important place in our lives because they all serve a different need. All professions work for the benefit of people. Choosing a job is very important in human life and we need to do a good research while making this choice. Otherwise, choosing a wrong profession can make us unhappy, which can prevent us from providing a good service.

While occuğations selected in line with interests and abilities increase productivity, wrong choice of occupation decreases productivity. Some special skills are required for each occupation and we can choose the occupation that suits us accordingly. When we choose a occupation that we love according to our abilities, we are both happier and provide a better service.

Below are some professions and some sample sentences about these jobs:

Architect: Our new house to be moved is designed by a very good architect.


Hair dresser: Today I spent my whole day at the hairdresser, I have to go home and cook several kinds of meals for the guests who will come in the evening.

Waiter: Please would you like a glass of water from the waiter?

Nurse: When we went to the hospital for my grandfather’s surgery today, a very good nurse greeted us and took great care of my grandfather.

Baker: My favorite part of Sunday breakfasts is the hot breads that the baker makes in the morning.

Clown: Generally everyone loves clowns but I haven’t been able to love it since I was little.

Doctor: Almost all of my childhood was spent in hospitals, so I know most doctors in our neighborhood.


Fireman: Firefighters work day and night to cope with forest fires in our country.

Vet: We’ll take it to the vet today to have my cat’s routine checks.

Musician: This weekend my favorite musician has a concert and I cannot attend this concert because it is my exam.

Cook: Today, we bought a new cook for our Italian restaurant, making delicious meals.

Lawyer: I chose to be a lawyer as my father wanted, and now I do not regret this decision.

Footballer: Today, my father’s favorite football player was giving an interview on television, we watched him as a family on television.

Teacher: Today I met my primary school teacher in the bazaar, I realized that I missed my teacher who taught me to read and write very much.

Dentist: Although he knew that I was very scared of the dentist, he took me to the dentist in the evening because my tooth was very sore.

Farmer: My grandfather was a farmer when he was young.

Here are Detailed Jobs and Professions List;

  • accountant
  • actor
  • actress
  • architect
  • artist
  • attorney
  • banker
  • bartender
  • barber
  • builder
  • carpenter
  • cashier
  • chef
  • coach
  • dentist
  • designer
  • developer
  • dietician
  • doctor
  • economist
  • editor
  • electrician
  • engineer
  • farmer
  • filmmaker
  • fisherman
  • jeweler
  • judge
  • lawyer
  • mechanic
  • musician
  • nutritionist
  • nurse
  • optician
  • painter
  • pharmacist
  • photographer
  • physician
  • pilot
  • plumber
  • police officer
  • politician
  • professor
  • programmer
  • psychologist
  • receptionist
  • saleswoman
  • secretary
  • singer
  • surgeon
  • teacher
  • therapist
  • translator
  • translator
  • undertaker
  • veterinarian
  • videographer
  • waiter
  • waitress
  • writer

Jobs and Occupations Names with Pictures in English