Scientific Names of Animals, Animals Names Vocabulary

Scientific Names of Animals, Animals Names Vocabulary

Wild Animals List, Definition and Examples

Scientific Names of Animals

Apart from the names we know, animals also have scientific names that most of us do not know. Classification of animals and birds according to a scientific name is considered more appropriate. There are some rules in the spelling of these scientific names of animals. The general name, that is, the first part of the name, is emphasized in the genus to which the creature belongs. The second part expresses the kind that the organization is under. It is known that zoological names are named in this way for easy recognition. Classification of animals or plants with a scientific name provides better communication, and the necessary information is obtained more easily. Some animals are given below with their scientific names:

Bison – Bos Gaurus: Out of many bison varieties, only the American bison and the European bison can survive.

Black Buck – Antelope Cervicapra: The black buck is from the cavicornia family, they live in the dry plains of India and they become very valuable when their height exceeds 45 cm.

Chinkara – Gazella Benettii: Chinkara is generally known as the Indian gazelle, besides; It is mostly seen in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.

Nilgai – Boselaphus Tragocamelus: This animal, known as the nilgai or blue bull, is known as the largest antelope in Asia, they are mammals and belong to the cavicornia family.

Wolf – Canis Lupus: Wolves are a common species belonging to the canine family and there is one of the most common and most well-known subspecies in the world, known as the gray wolf.

Lion – Panthera Leo: Lions have a nickname known to everybody “the king of the forests”, a noble yet wild animal with lush sounds and lush manes.

Elephant – Elephas Maximus: As everyone knows elephants have enormous dimensions but they are so cute, because their hoses make them cute and in some cultures, elephants are believed to bring luck.

Wild Ass – Equus Africanus Asinus: It is an animal from the African Wild Ass equidae family, slightly larger than domestic donkeys and more like a horces.

Leopard or Panther – Panthera Pardus: Leopards are one of the 4 major species of the feline family and is a wild animal, people are very afraid to approach it.

Kashmir Stag or Hangul – Cervus Canadensis Hanglu: Kashmir stag or hangul is an Indian animal, they are very common in high valleys, mountains and dense river forests. Their appearance is also pretty beautiful.

Peacock – Pavo Cristatus: The colors of the peacocks have been a lot of joy since I was a child, I saw peacocks in a huge zoo where I went with my family for the first time and their appearance is amazing.

Siberian Crane – Grus Leucogeranus: Siberian crane is a subspecies belonging to the gruidae family, it has white colors, long beaks and long red legs.

Fox – Vulpes Vulpes: There are quite interesting images and different colors of foxes, they are carnivorous and they are also called “vulpes vulpes” in the western world, meaning red fox.

Rhinoceros – Rhinoceros Unicornis: We know that elephants are very large animals, but there is another animal known as the largest animal after elephants, rhinos. They are divided into white and black rhinos.

Tiger – Panthera Tigris: Tigers are carnivorous animals that belong to the feline family, and have always attracted my attention, there is a saying that is specific to tigers, “you cannot survive unless you come into contact with a tiger.”

Crocodile – Crocodylus Palustris: One of the animals that I am most afraid of, but interesting are crocodiles, their eyes and huge mouth, their huge teeth in their mouths have scared me since childhood.

Gavial or Gharial – Gavialis Gangeticus: Gavial or gharial crocodile is the world’s largest crocodile variety after salt water crocodile, they are very similar to known crocodiles, but the mouths of gavial crocodiles are more pointed than others.

Horse – Equus Quagga: Today, I went to my grandfather’s huge farm with my mom and dad and went there with my grandfather’s white horse until evening.

Buffalow – Babalus Bubalis: Buffalo is also known as the American bison, we had no previous knowledge of this animal but in today’s science class, our teacher told us in detail.

Wild Boar – Sus Scrofa: Wild boar is known as the wildest of the Pigs family, they are double hoofed and mammals, they can reach up to 100 kilos and their pregnancy can take about 115 days.

Arabian camel – Camelus Dromedaries: Almost everyone knows about the Arabian camel, but the most curious question by everyone is that protrusion on the backs of camels, the rumor that camels accumulate water on their backs is common.

House Wall Lizard – Hemidactylus Flaviviridis: This summer, when we went to visit my grandmother’s house in the village, I saw a huge lizard walking around the wall on my way to sleep at night and screaming.


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