Transportation Names, Definition and Examples

Transportation Names, Definition and Examples;


Transportation Names, Definition and Examples


Vehicles that are used to transport people or cargo from one place to another are called ‘transportation vehicles‘. Vehicles; they are divided into three as water craft, road vehicles and air crafts, and the roads of these vehicles are separate from the pedestrian path. The traffic of these vehicles shuttling the road allocated to them is called traffic. People who use road vehicles such as trucks, buses, cars are called drivers.

People who use vehicles such as trains and subways are called machinists. Pilots use air craft. In addition, captains use water craft and astronauts use the space shuttle.

Road vehicles; It is divided into two as road vehicles and railway vehicles, however, road vehicles are commuting on the highway floor and railway vehicles shuttling the rail. Below are some road and rail vehicles with sample sentences:

Horse cart: Last year they banned the use of horse carts on the islands.


Cycling: My favorite activity is cycling on the beach at the weekend.

Trucks: Today they delivered goods to our workplace with 10 trucks.

Minibus: I can easily reach my workplace by minibus.

Motorcycles: When I wanted to use motorcycles, my father preferred me to drive.

Bus: I will go to my grandmothers’ village by bus this summer.

Automobile: Automobile use in our country has increased by 18% compared to last year.

Truck: The trucks will arrive at the factory in the evening.


Train: When I was a child, we went to our country by train every year.

Subway: When I go to my school, I first get on the minibus and then take the subway.

Tram: There are antique trams in the most popular street of our city.

Below are examples of air craft with examples:

Helicopter: The helicopter of a rich businessman will reach the area in 5 minutes.

Space craft: The cartoon we watched with my brother today had space craft.

Plane: After 10 days, I will go abroad by plane.

Below are examples of water craft with examples.

Ferry: Last week we went to my mothers for a holiday visit by ferry.

Ship: My biggest dream is to tour the world with a big ship.

Canoe: They were doing a canoe trip in a documentary I watched today.

Boat: This summer we will celebrate my birthday with all my friends on a beautiful boat.

Steamer: We can change the continent with steamers in Istanbul.