Gain More Points in Essay Exams: How To Write Essays in English?

Gain More Points in Essay Exams: How To Write Essays in English?

Gain More Points in Essay Exams: How To Write Essays in English?

Essay exams are the most common examination method, especially in social sciences, in the academy. Even if you express your point briefly, there is a terrible possibility that you have forgotten some fatal subjects in your exam paper. Also, the composition of your arguments is important, too. Basically, you need to consider yourself as a kindergarten teacher when expressing yourself. In that case, your audition will be little kids. Also, this point is important during the presentations, too. If you have an assumption that your focus person knows some details, you will probably forget some fundamentals. To make your grades higher, you obviously need to learn how to write better essays in English. There are some trick shots that you need to know. We will be explaining them briefly throughout the page. Let’s start.

Own a useful-words list

Creating a cheat sheet for useful words in your exams could be beneficial for you. Calm down, you will not use this list to cheat during the exam. You will arrange this list to visualize the words on your mind. Think like Sherlock Holmes. The useful-words list will not be like a just list of words. You will use them in their context. For example, you take the course on “History of Political Thought”. You need to arrange a list like “Virtu: An important Italian word for Machiavellian politics. Virtu is the political ability that enables politicians to act without the boundaries of morality for sake of its state.” By the way, it is a great way to take notes.

Imagine that you are explaining the topic to a kindergartener

Even if the topic is obvious, we will clarify it more. You need to tell your subject to your focus audition like they don’t know anything. If you act this way, you will be able to gain great flexibility. You start from the fundamentals of the subject and go deeper to your point. There is a great abbreviation for this issue: KISS. Keep It Simple (sorry for that) Stupid. Obviously, the last word is there exists to make a strong expression.

Divide your essay into three main parts

To present your idea more briefly and clearly, you need to divide your essay into three main parts.

  • The first part should be the introduction phase. In the introduction phase, you need to present a brief summary of the rest of the essay. The reader must be understanding your essay’s topic, main arguments, and output.
  • The second part should be the progression phase. In this phase, you need to progress your arguments by giving examples, supported by evidence, or the scientific terms by quotations. The reader must be seeing why your arguments are right. This phase should be broader than the first or third part of your essay. Try to support all the arguments you presented in the essay.
  • The third part of your essay should be the summary phase. You need to give your point briefly. You must sum up your arguments and the topic here. The message is quite similar to the introduction phase.

Approach the topics bilateral

Sometimes you need to act as a hypocrite. Especially in social sciences, every argument is both true and false. In other words, every scholar is both right and wrong. So, you need to examine the topics bilaterally. Consider, in Course A’s terminology, there are two opposite approaches as Term A and Term B. In your essay, you should be reviewing both A and B unbiased. Even if you will be supporting B in the end, you need to show the pros and cons of both. It will be beneficial when you explain the “why” questions.

Review your essay repeatedly

Even if it is hard to alienating yourself from your product, you need to read your essays unbiased like an article. Even if your arguments are good enough for your point there could be any gaps in the flow of meaning. Make sure that you have supported all the arguments you generated. Using unsupported arguments is unacceptable, especially in the academy. Also, the wrong usage of the grammar could be causing misperceptions. No one will before sighting your expressions. So, make sure that your messages are clear enough. To avoid misperceptions, keep your essays simple in the language. Not trying to be a Shakespeare while you are using analogies.

Use grammar checking tools

If the essay you are preparing is a take-home exam, the websites like Thesaurus and Grammarly will be great guides to you. Using strong and correct expressions is pretty good for an essay. By Thesaurus you will be able to choose powerful expressions for your essay. Also, these websites have plagiarism checking tools, too. You can use them before you uploaded your paper on tools like Turnitin.

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