What are the basic high school English grammar topics?

What are the basic high school English grammar topics?


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High School English Grammar and Composition

High school is the most important era to learn and develop a language. People improve their senses of the language. The ability of speech, the ability to make logical sentences, the ability to form a cause and effect relationship is crucial especially in this time period of any people’s life.

We will be examining briefly high school English grammar and how to write a good composition in high school. Throughout the page, you will be able to the following questions. What are the main grammar topics for high school English? How can a high school student write a better composition? What are the main parts of good composition? Why should students write compositions?

What are the basic high school English grammar topics?

There are several grammar topics in high school level English. We will be explaining them basically from the easiest one to the hardest. Hang on, we start.

1)The proper usage of tense.

Every sentence is formed in a tense, right? So, a high school student should be able to make sentences in proper forms such as.

  • Present Continuous Tense: This tense is used to make sentences at the moment.

“I am flying.”


“You are going down.”

  • Simple Present Tense: This tense explains the activities made in a broader timeline.

“I swim every day.”

“I love you.”

“I work with passion.”

  • Simple Past Tense: This tense explains what did happen in an unknown timeline.

“I died for you.”

“You left me that night.”


  • Simple Future Tense: People use this tense to express their expectations or efforts for the future.

“You will be the love of my life.”

“I will find you and I will kill you.”

  • Past Continuous Tense: Past continuous tense describes the continuous activities in the past.

“I was swimming in the Caribbean.”

“She was running into a hurricane to get her.”

  • Future Continuous Tense: This tense takes place in a process that probably continues in the near future.

“I will be looking forward to your email.”

“Don’t be afraid, son. We will always be supporting you.”

  • Future Perfect Tense: This portion of the future explains the expected activity after a specific activity.

“I will be pleased If I can see you there.”

“You will be earned three times than you expect.”

“I will be amazed if this stock doesn’t work well with this indicator.”

2)Passive Voice

Passive voice is one of the most challenging grammar topics for high school students. You will be able to learn the correct usage of it in the examples.

  • The case is closed by the prosecutor. Our sad detective Max Payne has no choice against Winterson.
  • That masterpiece of the entire game industry is made by a poem, Sam Lake.
  • The entire army was killed by just a few planes. The importance of air domination must be understood by commanders.

3)Relative Clauses

Relative clauses are one of the most useful structures in a composition. The importance appears in the need for proper usage. Let’s see.

  • who: ‘’Who’’ can be used to refer people, the actual ones.

“I am the man who walks alone walking the dark road.”

“She was the girl who taught me how to love anyone.”

  • which: The word “which” is best to point out the things. They can be persons, ideas, etc.

“This is the computer in which I developed my first program. You can’t even access the internet with it.”

The girl had a book which mentions important stuff like political transition in ancient Rome.

  • that: It is like a combination with “who” and “which”. You can use it both with people and animals, objects and ideas.

“This is the game that I forgot the eat my meal while I was playing it.”

“Her bass guitar is the guitar with cozy humbuckers and a single-coil.”

  • where: This word describes the place.

“Did you remember? This is the restaurant where we made our first dance.”

“This is the place where you kneel for a thing.”


What are the main parts of good composition?

Like all the things in the world, there are several tricks to write a great composition. We will be learning them. But first, we should know what the composition is. The composition is the type of essay based on the main principle of the law. “The procedure is a pride to the merits”. Let’s clarify it, in a composition, the expression is more important than the thing you have expressed. Which parts are essential to forming a great composition?

1)The introduction paragraph:

You should be able to form a great introduction paragraph to explain your point. This paragraph should be short and brief.

2)The progression paragraph:

This is the paragraph where you will be able to explain your point. Try to use good analogies. Analogies make your abstract expressions more tangible. English teachers’ true focus on a high school student is to improve its ability to make analogies and comparisons. The term “cause and effect” is your key. The main goal of the progression paragraph is to achieve a logical correlation bridge to your point in the introduction paragraph.

3)The summary paragraph:

The summary paragraph aims to summarize your composition. You should be mentioning the analogies and comparisons you made. There should be an output of your progression paragraph and your introductive paragraph. In other words, you should be presenting a summary of your process. Logical clarity should be your key here. Remember, not all the correlation makes causality. Logic should be the pioneer of your compositions.

Why should high school students write compositions?

The literal expression is one of the most crucial skills a person can have. Both for academic and business life, the existence of that skill will be making people’s life a better place. Language is the greatest tool that humankind can have. All the knowledge, feelings, thoughts are transferred by it. At the end of the day, people with bright literal expression skills rule the world. It is a great management skill, by the way. So, high school students should be writing compositions.