Possessive Adjectives, Definition and Example Sentences

English Using Possessive Adjectives, Definition and Example Sentences


Possessive Adjectives, Definition and Example Sentences

The words that qualify the name are called adjectives. Adjectives are used before the name they define. Adjectives generally refer to nouns, but in some cases also verbs. This does not apply to every verb, these verbs are limited: be, get, become, seem, appear, look, smell, sound, taste, feel. Most of the adjectives can be followed by adjectives clause.

In general, after mentioning adjectives, there are also possessive adjectives used in English. Possessive adjectives are words in English that indicate belonging. Sometimes it can be confused with possessive pronouns, so to understand the possessive adjectives, it is necessary to dominate possessive pronouns. There is a fine detail between the two:

A name is used after possessive adjectives because possessive adjectives in the sentence indicate who the object belongs to.

(Here is Regular and Extreme Adjectives List)

Possessive pronouns are used almost in the same sense as possessive adjectives. The main difference between the two is that no name is used after possessive pronouns. Because it is already known to whom the object belongs to in the sentence.

Possessive adjectives list
  • His
  • Her
  • Your
  • My
  • Its
  • Our
  • Your
  • Their

Note: Its and it’s are among the most mixed words in English. It’s is the abbreviation of ‘it is’, and its is used as a possessive adjective.

Examples of Possessive Adjectives
  • This is my house. (In the following sentence ‘house’ is a name, and ‘my’ is a possessive adjective which we use to indicate who the house belongs to.)
  • His father is an extremely intelligent and hardworking man.
  • Your children are very well behaved, you can always come to us.
  • Their birds fled because the door of the cage remained open, all very upset.
  • Her boyfriend looks like a good guy, they’re gonna get married next summer.
  • All school students are invited to the traditional breakfast in our school this year.
  • That ‘s my cat, I got it two years ago.
Possessive Adjectives Chart
Possessive Adjectives
I I play basketball. My This is my sister.
You You are a student. Your Wash your hands.
He He is very nice. His This is his car.
She She is an engineer. Her The pencil is her pencil.
It It is a cat. Its Its teeth are very sharp.
We We love Spanish. Our We began our work at noon.
You You are smart students. Your Is that your wallet?
They They are the smartest kids here. Their Their house near the city.