Comparison of Adjectives and Comparison of Adverbs, Definitions and Examples

English Comparison of Adjectives, Definitions and Examples


English Comparison of Adjectives, Definitions and Examples

Comparison of Adjectives

Compartive envelopes and adjectives are used with the suffix “-er” according to the number of syllables or “more” before the word. “-Er” is used for the words with one syllable and “more” is used for the words with one syllable.

For example;

  • High – Higher
  • Beautiful – More beautiful

The points to be considered while using this structure are as follows;

The syllable number of adjectives to be used with this structure changes the structure. Comparative is created by adding the suffix “-r” or “-er” to monosyllabic adjectives. For example;

  • Safe – Safer
  • Poor – Poorer

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Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
Irregular Adjectives

Note: Some adjectives ending in vowel or consonant repeat the consonant in the comparative structure. For example;

  • Hot – Hotter
  • Red – Redder

By bringing “more” in front of adjectives with two or more syllables, the meaning of “more” is added to adjectives. For example;

  • Action – More action
  • Aggressive – More aggressive

Note: In the two-syllable adjectives ending with the “-y” tag, “-y” falls and “-ier” is brought to the end. For example;

  • Dirty – Dirtier
  • Lazy – Lazier
  • Early – Earlier

Note: There are some exceptional adjectives that do not comply with the syllable rule. For example;

  • Friendly – Friendlier
  • Irregular Adjectives

In some cases, adjectives are used with neither “-er” nor “more”. The structure of such words changes completely. For example;

  • Far – Farther or Further
  • Bad – Worse
  • Good – Better
  • Little – Less
Comparative Adverbs

Some envelopes that end with “-ly” are syllable, so they are comparative by bringing “more”. For example;

  • Nicely – More nicely
  • Strongly – More strongly

Sample sentences related to Comparison of Adjectives are as follows;

  • As the boat moved towards the stream, the stream began to get shallower.
  • Summers months are far / much warmer here than anywhere else in the world.
  • John’s story was a bit / a little more action than we expected.
  • Today, traffic in New York is more intense than last year.
  • Natural resources in London are slightly more diverse than in Amsterdam.
  • Napoli is further then Roma
  • Her voice is worse than your voice
Other Structures

Other structures that can be used in comparison are as follows:

as… as…

  • Electrons are approximately 5000 times as light as protons.
  • Manchester is as cheap as Paris
  • Teresa as ugly as Maria
  • Canada is not as beautiful as England

so… as…

  • For now, many countries in Europe are not so developed as France.


Here are Comparative and Superlative Adjectives List;

angry angrier than the angriest
attractive more attractive than the most attractive
bad worse than the worst
beautiful more beautiful than the most beautiful
big bigger than the biggest
bitter bitterer bitterest
black blacker blackest
bloody bloodier bloodiest
blue bluer bluest
boring more boring than the most boring
brave braver than the bravest
cheap cheaper than the cheapest
cold colder than the coldest
dark darker than the darkest
hot hotter than the hottest
hungry hungrier than the hungriest
safe safer than the safest
short shorter than the shortest
silly sillier than the silliest
soon sooner than the soonest
strange stranger than the strangest
successful more successful than the most successful
strong stronger than the strongest
sweet sweeter than the sweetest
tall taller than the tallest
terrible more terrible than the most terrible