Water Animals Names, Definition and Examples

Water Animals Names, Definition and Examples

Water is Life: Water Animals

We all know that two-thirds of the world we live in is covered with water. Well, is there no life in such a large amount of water? Of course, there is, even more than we expected. Most people give examples of aquatic creatures simply by saying fish. However, it is possible to find hundreds of creatures living in the water. Water animals are generally fish. Also, some crabs and turtles live in the water. Although there are other aquatic creatures, fish live in most of the water. Besides, some mammals also live in water. It is even possible to collect these animals under separate headings.

Water Animals Classification

Some water animals can be seen as large and small in size. Some of them are microscopic creatures that cannot be seen with the naked eye. It is possible to call this an example of plankton. Although invisible to the eye, plankton has a very important function. They help carry out photosynthesis. They also become a food source for other small water animals. A visible example of plankton is the jellyfish. Now let’s examine other water animals under general headings.


Fish are water animals that have certain bone structures. We humans can call it fishbone. But bigger fish have bigger bones in their bodies. Fishes can adjust their body temperature according to the water temperature. They have gills so they can consume oxygen underwater. The fish have scales instead of skins and manage to swim with their fins. Reproduction of fish occurs by spawning.


Sharks are similar in structure to mammalian water animals. But actually, they are also fish. They do not have the bone structure we mentioned in the fish section. Instead of bone, they have cartilage. Sharks can consume oxygen with their gills. Their teeth are very sharp and also their jaw structures are very strong. They are experts in smell and have the potential to eat all kinds of living things.

Mammalian Water Animals

Examples of mammalian water animals are whales, dolphins, walruses, manatees, and seals. Mammalian water animals, unlike fish and sharks, have lungs for oxygen consumption. For this reason, sometimes they have to come to the surface and breathe. We can give an example of this when dolphins jump on the water surface. Some even survive both in water and on land. Examples include otters and seals. Unlike fish, mammalian water animals reproduce by giving birth to offspring.


Another name for mollusks is invertebrates. Only some may have a hard shell. Like their names, they have a soft texture. For this reason, squid and also oysters are examples of mollusks. Names such as squid and clam can be given for other examples.

Animals Names List from A to Z

Some Water Animals and Their Characteristics


Crabs are famous for their claws. They have two claws and a total of ten legs. Due to their leg structure, they walk sideways. They can be seen not only in saltwater but also in freshwater. Crabs have a hard shell structure. Its claws are so strong that they can destroy most living things.


Octopuses are a type of mollusk. They have eight arms. Octopuses’ mouths are hidden between their arms. Their bodies can take any shape, so they can fit into very small holes. They can skillfully camouflage themselves. When they feel danger, they have features such as jetting ink and running off quickly. All octopuses contain poison.


Whales are known as one of the largest animals. The word whale means the biggest water animal in terms of meaning. This animal, which is meters long and weighs tons, swims easily by using the buoyancy of the water. They have hard and slippery skin. Whales swim as a herd in the water. Although they are large, they feed on small water animals because their organs are small. The largest whales among the whales are blue whales.

Sea turtles

Sea turtles are one of the water animals known to have existed for hundreds of years. These tortoises swim between seas and even oceans. Male turtles do not come to the surface. On the other hand, female turtles surfaced only during the spawning period. They lay the eggs ashore. They can lay hundreds of eggs in one spawning season. Currently, there are only seven species of sea turtles. Their Latin names are Dermochelys coriacea, Eretmochelys imbricata, Lepidochelys kempii, Lepidochelys olivacea, Chelonia mydas, Caretta caretta, Natator depressus. Their population is decreasing day by day.


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