Collective Noun For Drawers, Collective Nouns List Drawers

Collective Noun For Drawers, Collective Nouns List Drawers

Collective Noun For Drawers

Communication is a data flow between at least two individuals. The channel of communication between two people in the language. To provide a crystal clear and efficient data flow, people should be following the sacred rules of the languages, grammar. There are lots of grammar rules people use in inappropriate ways. It is hard to be aware of all the misusages in grammar. Because the way that people are using the language is a kind of habit. To give up a bad habit, one must be aware of it. One of the grammar rules people often misuse is a collective noun. Collective nouns are the group of objects that have sui generis names. The proper usage of collective nouns improves the quality of communication and clears the channel of it, the language.  Drawers are the furniture we use every day.  Probably they are the first object we see after waking up. There are several collective nouns for them.

Here are 200 examples of collective nouns


Generally, the drawers are not produced as a single entity. Usually, they are made as attached to any other object. One of the objects mentioned in the last sentence is a chest of drawers. Chest of drawers is a piece of furniture containing several drawers arranged one above the other in horizontal and vertical rows. The chest is a collective noun for drawers.

  1. On the first day of my bachelor apartment, I realized the necessity of a chest of drawers. There were nowhere to put my socks nothing but the closet. But it seemed too untidy to me.
  2. The creepy old lady upstairs does not like factory-made furniture. Her carpenter made a chest of drawers for her.

Drawers Table

As aforementioned, drawers are produced to be attached to some object. As a container, a drawer needs a container, too, because of its design. Drawers table is a type of furniture that people generally place it right next to their beds. It is a small object and generally contains two or one drawers. The people place it right next to their beds to the items they use when they are starting a day. Like their underwear and socks.

  1. It seems like my alarm clock on the drawers table fell behind it. It is broken now.
  2. In your new apartment, there is no drawers table. Where do you keep your underwear or socks?


A bureau is another word for a chest of drawers derived from French. The word shares the same origin with the following words: bureaucracy, bureaucrat. Probably the simple explanation for this common origin is the bureau used frequently in the governmental institutions to keep papers and archives of bureaucrats.

  1. This is not the folder you are looking for. Go upstairs and find Arnie Linson. The folder should be in his bureau.
  2. I was at the office of Mosbius Design. It was an architectural startup by 2 young architects. Their great taste could be understood by the bureau they keep blueprints of their designs.


There is some furniture that people put their items in or on them. A dresser is one of these. Unlike the drawers table, a dresser is broader and frequently seemed that it contains three or more drawers. Sometimes a mirror could be attached to him. A dresser’s place is mostly a bedroom. In this logic, one can say that a dresser is made to contain clothes or private items.

  1. She has been wearing makeup by the dresser’s mirror when you had tried to make a video call. You cannot see the bride till ceremony sweetheart. It is bad luck.
  2. You need to stop stereotyping the genders. Have you ever seen the dresser of Mr. Squier? Every single drawer of it is extraordinarily tidy.


The bank is one of the rarest known collective nouns for drawers. It is used rarely because the furniture, bank of drawers exists only in old government buildings and the people who collect antique furniture. It seems like new designs occurred in the furniture industry; the bank of drawers eliminated.

  1. I was waiting for Moriarty in the bank. As I suspected, one of the drawers of the bank of drawers that cops been kept his folder was opened by someone last night. All the other drawers were covered a thin layer of dust except for that one.
  2. The ambassador touched his beard, stared at the bank of drawers then sipped her coffee.