Collective Noun For Students, Collective Nouns List in English

Collective Noun For Students, Collective Nouns List in English


Collective Noun For Students

Today, we will briefly examine the English language collective noun varieties. Of course, there are both Countable, Mass, and Collective nouns in English. Collective nouns varieties are generally considered in the uncountable category. Using collective nouns while writing an essay or chatting with someone in everyday life allows you to have a much richer and improved English. Because these kinds of words increase the variety of sentences you make, and your linguistic performance in explaining something is also higher.

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Today, we will talk about collective nouns that are used to characterize objects, especially in the school environment. You can review the continuation of the article to examine the different types of student collective nouns that you can use to describe the moments when students are together.

Class of Students

Students collective nouns varieties are frequently used, both when teachers are chatting with each other at school and while doing a school-related speaking activity. Class of students is one of the most popular collective nouns. When you read this kind of phrase, you cannot get precise information about how many students you are in the classroom. But you can easily imagine that there are enough students to fill an entire class. Usually, when using the class of students phrases in a sentence, students in a school setting may be mentioned.

For example, while talking about students on a museum trip, the class of students phrase can be used. Let’s examine an example and understand the subject better:

  • They listen to A class of student teachers and were worried about the afternoon exam.

Group of Students

If you want to qualify students but the students you mentioned are not in a school setting, you can use the group of students phrases. When you use this type of phrase, it might be thought that the students you mentioned were in a cafe, on the street, or somewhere else, but where they are can be other than school. Moreover, many will think that the number of students you mentioned is less. When you say A group of students, as you may notice, you need to use the subject you are singular.


Because there is a group in the sentence, but the individuals in the group constitute a majority. It will be extremely important to use the auxiliary verb in the sentence accordingly. Let’s examine this phrase with a sample sentence with you:

  • A group of students came out of the cinema and were talking to each other about the movie they watched.

Committee of Students

Small communities formed by students to realize their hobbies, to carry out scientific or artistic activities, especially in high school and university periods, are called committees. For this reason, the Committee of Students word group is often used to indicate the students who are in a certain committee and act together. It is very important to use this kind of phrase in the right place. If these students have a common purpose and act in accordance with this goal, you should choose to use this phrase. Otherwise, using this phrase may result in a somewhat incomprehensible sentence.

As you will notice, when you use this type of phrase, the person in front of you cannot know which committee you are talking about or understand how many students you are talking about. But it is clear that you are talking about more than one student indefinitely. Therefore, you need to build the sentences aware of this. Let’s examine a sample sentence with you if you wish:

  • A committee of students expressed their complaints to the management about the prices of the cafeteria in the school.

Crowd of Students

Sometimes students can come together to protest about certain topics, and sometimes to go to certain events together. Students you see outside the school context, or students you see at a certain point in the school can be crowded. When talking about students in your essay exams, you can also use the crowd of students word groups in order not to use the same words while telling an event. This group of words that you can use to point out multi-student student communities will also allow you to create a very rich sentence. Let us explain in detail how you should use this phrase by giving an example if you wish.

  • As the school hours were just over, a crowd of students was heading towards the bus stop.

We have presented you with four different collective student noun alternatives in detail above. It is really important to include variety in your sentences when writing an Essay or attending speaking activities at school. Therefore, we recommend that you take note of sample sentences containing these phrases. That is all for today about collective nouns.