30 Useful Collocations about COME in English | Expressions with COME

30 Useful Collocations about COME in English | Expressions with COME, Collocations ,meaning and example sentences;


30 Useful Collocations about COME in English | Expressions with COME

come close
Meaning: almost do something
Example Sentence: Thet didn’t win the game, but they came close.

come under attack
Meaning: to be attacked
Example Sentence: The enemy forces suddenly came under attack.

come early
Meaning: come soon, beforetime
Example Sentence: Alex, come early tomorrow.

come to an agreement
Meaning: bargain, covenant
Example Sentence: The jury have come to an agreement.

come first
Meaning: come prominent, before, in advance
Example Sentence: In this life, my children come first.


come into view
Meaning: appear, come insight
Example Sentence: When you say no one can come, sometimes a person comes into view.

come late
Meaning: come after
Example Sentence: The teacher’s sick, so come late.

come to decision
Meaning: decide, determine
Example Sentence: I think Prime minister can come to decision about global warming.

come cheap
Meaning: to be available at a low price
Example Sentence: The notebooks don’t come cheap.

come clean about
Meaning: admit something to someone
Example Sentence: The my sons came clean about eating the meat.

come to life
Meaning: perk, liven up, liven, revive, freshen
Example Sentence: The refrigerator suddenly came to life.

come to an end
Meaning: to stop or end
Example Sentence: I’m enjoying my holiday, but it’s about to come to an end.

  • come to a total of
    come complete with
    come direct
    come to a stop
    come into sth.
    come last
    come to a compromise
    come second
    come up with
    come to life
    come prepared
    come to a realization
    come to terms with
    come in last
    come on time
    come to power
    come right back
    come to sb’s rescue