Using Whenever in English, Example Sentences with Whenever

How to use whenever, Using Whenever in English, Example Sentences with Whenever


Using Whenever in English, Example Sentences with Whenever

Using Whenever

In this article, we will examine the frequently used question, “whenever“, which is formed when “ever” is added to the word when. Thus, you will be able to use these words easily. Let’s start with the uses of the word. This word has several different meanings.

For example;

  • They can be used to add the meaning of “when / what time” according to the word.
  • They can be used to highlight questions.
  • They can be used to be unclear or to indicate that they are unclear.

When “ever” is added to these words, let’s take a look at what happens in general. When the word “ever” is added, it adds “every” meaning to the word. In the most basic sense, these words are used to add meanings such as “desired time” and “always” to the sentence. Let’s examine it in a few example sentences;

For example, “Whenever Sumudica try to do it, it won’t close.” sentence “Whenever it works, it does not close.” or “it doesn’t open at any time.” It means. Here “whenever” always adds meaning to the sentence. The meaning of “to do” comes from the verb “do”. For example, “Whenever you play game” example means “play whenever you want”.


Apart from this use, these words can also be used to highlight questions, especially in English in England. You can understand what it means through examples;

For example, “Whenever will you go home?” The question is, “When will you go home?” It means. Another example is “Will I send all the documents to Celina tomorrow or will I only send the most important one today?” In response to the question “Whenever you want.” It can be said. In short, “depends on you.”

It means or someone asked you, “When are you going to travel the world?” If you ask, you can say “whenever” in return. In other words, you are saying that “time is not very important, you can always go”. Again, there is no clear answer here.

Yes, now that we know different ways of using these words, we can look at a few mixed sentences and different examples;

  • You can go whenever you want but never forget to call me.
  • We can go see the baby whenever you want and we can watch the football game whenever you want.
  • You can call my mom whenever you want.
  • Very annoying! Whenever I start driving, my arm hurts.
  • Whenever my aunt comes to us, she brings some good gifts for my brothers.