100 Modal Verb COULD Sentences Examples, COULD Sentences Examples, Sentences with COULD

100 Modal Verb COULD Sentences Examples, COULD Sentences Examples, Sentences with COULD


1. Could I help you?

2. You could be right.

3. Sam could be a cop.

4. Could you sign here?

5. Could you elaborate?


6. Alex could be better.

7. Could you just hurry?

8. Could we go home now?

9. Could I use your desk?

10. Could I say something?

11. Could I speak to Mary?


12. Could I have a tissue?

13. I could say something.

14. Could I go to the park?

15. I could never hate you.

16. Could you gift wrap it?

17. You could have done it.

18. How could you leave me?

19. I could lose my pension.

20. I could lose my license.

21. We could do it together.

22. I feel like I could cry.

23. Could I use your pencil?

24. I could hear everything.

25. He could be your partner.

26. Could we get out of here?

27. Could you help me please?

28. Could I borrow your book?

29. I could call you anytime.

30. Could I see the timetable?

31. I could just refuse to go.

32. Could you spell it please?

33. Could you bring my wallet?

34. Could you hand me the pen?

35. We could meet for a drink.

36. Could I use your notebook?

37. Alex could hardly breathe.

38. Could I borrow your phone?

39. How could you be so stupid?

40. They could freeze to death.

41. Maybe we could collaborate.

42. You could go out for relax.

43. Could you spell it, please?

44. I could use some help here.

45. He could not speak clearly.

46. He could have been a doctor.

47. I could hear Samuel yelling.

48. You could have called first.

49. I wish I could make it work.

50. Could you lend me this book?

51. Could you send me a brochure?

52. Could you give me a discount?

53. Could you hand me the pencil?

54. Could I borrow your notebook?

55. Could you give me an example?

56. I could actually be arrested.

57. Could you pleasse repeat that?

58. Could you please play a tango?

59. Could you phone the neighbors?

60. Could I have some tea, please?

61. I guess I could give it a try.

62. I could help you with Spanish.

63. Could I have some more coffee?

64. Could I borrow your gray suit?

65. Do you think you could do that?

66. He could see the headlines now.

67. When I was young, I could swim.

68. We could understand each other.

69. I thought I could count on you.

70. Could you turn the volume down?

71. Could I take your book, please?

72. I could read between the lines.

73. Could I ask you some questions?

74. Samuel could hardly believe him.

75. I could use a little more money.

76. Could you cancel my reservation?

77. I always knew this could happen.

78. I could order you to go with me.

79. If we don’t help, she could die.

80. Could you please close the door?

81. It could be noticed in the dark.

82. I could smell something burning.

83. You could at least buy a hybrid.

84. I’m sorry but we could get more.

85. Could I please use your computer?

86. Alex could use the moral support.

87. I could tell Samuel was relieved.

88. I could scarcely stand on my feet.

89. He could not sign official papers.

90. I could recite the story by heart.

91. Everybody asked if you could help.

92. When I was 6, I could ride a bike.

93. I wish I could tell you otherwise.

94. Could I see your driver’s license?

95. Could you wrap them up separately?

96. A lot of crime could be prevented.

97. Do you know where else I could try?

98. Few great men could pass personnel.

99. They could use some new good ideas.

100. Could you rarely water the flowers?

101. I could not keep silent any longer.