200 Modal Verb CAN Sentences Examples, CAN Sentences Examples, Sentences with Can

200 Modal Verb CAN Sentences Examples, CAN Sentences Examples, Sentences with Can


1. Boats can sink.

2. They can dance.

3. Fishes can swim.

4. I can not write.

5. We can walk back.


6. Alex can run fast.

7. I can verify that.

8. Hey! Can you help?

9. I can hardly stand.

10. How can I go there?

11. I can see its eyes.


12. She can drive a car.

13. I can defend myself.

14. When I can check-in?

15. Alex can explain it.

16. We can finish later.

17. Where can I buy silk?

18. We can change things.

19. We can seat you soon.

20. I can use a computer.

21. You can rely on Jack.

22. We can use your help.

23. I can testify to that.

24. She can sew very well.

25. Girls can be athletic.

26. You can drive my bike.

27. You can rely upon him.

28. How can I contact you?

29. I think we can go out.

30. Bears can climb trees.

31. She can play the piano.

32. We can talk on the bus.

33. You can say that again.

34. Hi, how can I help you?

35. Where can I buy snacks?

36. You can not smoke here.

37. We can plead ignorance.

38. A man can die but once.

39. You can buy everything.

40. Where can I get a taxi?

41. You can not drive fast.

42. You can type, can’t you?

43. You can dance, can’t you?

44. Math can be very complex.

45. He opened a can of worms.

46. No one can separate them.

47. Alcohol can cause cancer.

48. They can raise your rent.

49. Smoking can cause cancer.

50. Alcohol can cause canser.

51. I can teach you to drive.

52. Hay can burn very easily.

53. You can quote books here.

54. You can always text Alex.

55. How can I ever repay you?

56. Anyone can betray anyone.

57. He can speak English fast.

58. How can you be so callous?

59. I can do better than that.

60. No one can hear you, Alex.

61. Where can I buy envelopes?

62. I can deduce nothing else.

63. I can eat whatever I want.

64. I can sit anywhere, right?

65. You’ve seen what I can do.

66. Alex can dance quite well.

67. Hello, how can I help you?

68. How can you be so cynical?

69. You’ve seen what I can do.

70. You can always text Steve.

71. You can tear the box open.

72. I can reach the top shelf.

73. How can you be so passive?

74. I can imagine how you felt.

75. I can speak five languages.

76. Stars can be seen at night.

77. I can work anywhere I want.

78. They are as poor as can be.

79. I can speak four languages.

80. He’s a man you can rely on.

81. I think we can handle this.

82. I can make it in two hours.

83. I can teach you how to fly.

84. I can fight my own battles.

85. She can speak Spanish, too.

86. You can go however you like.

87. I can tell you love to sing.

88. I can do that if you let me.

89. You can call me in any case.

90. I can give my email address.

91. Samuel can dance quite well.

92. I can go to school tomorrow.

93. George can count on Jessica.

94. What advice can you give me?

95. You can empathize with that.

96. He can speak five languages.

97. Nothing can come of nothing.

98. I can teach you how to sing.

99. I can swim across the river.

100. Tom is a man you can rely on.

101. How can you be so optimistic?

102. How many apples can I borrow?

103. I can see as well as you can.

104. I can speak English fluently.

105. It can be confusing at first.

106. How much luggage can we take?

107. I hope you can come tomorrow.

108. This can indeed be a mistake.

109. That’s all we can do for now.

110. How can I get to the stadium?

111. I’m as tired as tired can be.

112. I bet Steve can speak English.

113. I can eat anything but onions.

114. I can hear you loud and clear.

115. I know how tiring that can be.

116. You can swim across the river.

117. I like movies I can relate to.

118. No one can be that disgusting.

119. How long can I keep this book?

120. You can certainly rely on him.

121. We can see many stars tonight.

122. I can go shopping if you want.

123. Blind men can judge no colours.

124. I can proofread it or whatever.

125. Excuse me, Can we switch seats?

126. They can go wherever they want.

127. You can bet your boots on that.

128. Jim can cope with the problems.

129. A beggar can never be bankrupt.

130. You can sleep here if you want.

131. Choose friends you can rely on.

132. Cancer can have various causes.

133. I can send this letter for you.

134. We can watch TV in the evening.

135. I can teach you how to do this.

136. You can get a loan from a bank.

137. He can lend me whatever I want.

138. What can I say to convince you?

139. The girl can recite many poems.

140. Jessica can both ski and skate.

141. How can you justify your claim?

142. I can see a spider on the sofa.

143. I can be as stubborn as you are.

144. Excuse me, can I use this phone?

145. A bee sting can be very painful.

146. He boasts that he can swim well.

147. I wonder if you can handle this.

148. If you want, I can help you too.

149. Where can I weight my groceries?

150. Steve can be contacted directly.

151. When can we see each other again?

152. Before one can say Jack Robinson.

153. A man can do no more than he can.

154. I can assure you that’s not true.

155. We can buy a new house next year.

156. Steve can put away the equipment.

157. I can see why you’d want to stay.

158. If you want, they can come along.

159. You can come at your convenience.

160. Tommy can write poetry very well.

161. We can go to the cinema tomorrow.

162. Who do you love, you can tell us?

163. Beauty can come in strange forms.

164. I don’t think you can live alone.

165. For example, you can come with me.

166. First of all I can use a computer.

167. Onions can be used in many dishes.

168. You can see it with the naked eye.

169. A closed fist can indicate stress.

170. My father can barely speak French.

171. Onions can be eaten raw or cooked.

172. You’ve just opened a can of worms.

173. I can get up early in the morning.

174. You can delete unnecessary images.

175. Noisy places can damage your ears.

176. How can you justify your behavior?

177. Hey! Can you drive more carefully?

178. I can pass the test. I know I can.

179. You’ve given me nothing I can use.

180. I can see Hank wasn’t exaggerating.

181. First of all I think we can go out.

182. We can use all the help we can get.

183. Jane is so fat she can hardly walk.

184. Everything you can imagine is real.

185. If you can dream it, you can do it.

186. I can not comply with your request.

187. Nature can do more than physicians.

188. I can tell you love Alex very much.

189. You can find him at the rifle range.

190. How many chin-ups can you do, Steve?

191. Having nothing, nothing can he lose.

192. I think I can persuade Samuel to go.

193. If you want, you can go to the park.

194. Not even a child can talk like that.

195. A cracked bell can never sound well.

196. I can bear witness to his innocence.

197. Perhaps I can be of some assistance.

198. He can run the fastest in the class.

199. We can only learn to love by loving.

200. As long as You try, You can succeed.

201. You can play the guitar by yourself.

202. If you think you can do it, you can.