Sentences with Bent, Bent in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Bent

Sentences with Bent, Bent in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Bent

1. Alex bent forward.

2. She bent over the child.

3. Steve bent down to pet his dog.

4. I bent over to pick up the pen.

5. Samuel bent over to tie his shoes.

6. She bent down to pick up her glove.

7. He bent down and picked up the ball.

8. He bent over the girl and kissed her.

9. Buy me a package of absorbent cotton.

10. Frank bent over and picked the coin up.

11. He bent over backward to please his wife.

12. He bent down and lifted the boy into the air.

13. Just as the twig is bent, the tree is inclined.

14. My brother watched as the doctors bent over her.

15. George bent down to scratch the dog behind the ear.

16. I bent over to pick up my pen which had fallen on the floor.

17. I had already done my calculations, but they got involved and bent the iron.

18. When I was little, my father was such a strong child that he bent everything.

19. It is very necessary to have markers of beauty left in a world seemingly bent on making the most evil ugliness.

20. Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty, and obey only love.

21. Every man should follow the bent of his nature in art and letters, always provided that he does not offend against the rules of morality and good taste.

22. Close elections tend to break toward the challenger because undecided voters – having held out so long against the incumbent – are by nature looking for change.

23. Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.

24. I keep guitars that are, you know, the neck’s a little bit bent and it’s a little bit out of tune. I want to work and battle it and conquer it and make it express whatever attitude I have at that moment. I want it to be a struggle.

25. I have asked myself once or twice lately what was my natural bent. I have no doubt at all: It is to look at each day for the evil of that day and have a go at it, and that is why I have never failed to have an acute interest in each morning’s letters.